March 5, 2020

Everyone knows that I love Israel. And yes, I have just come back from an amazing trip there where I met some amazing friends. But that is not the only reason. Israel is important because God says she is. The Lord told Abraham, the father of Israel, I will bless those who bless you, and curse those that curse you. And okay, if Israel was not important to God, how could they still be around? They have been through so many brutal attacks that these people should be history. However it is still a nation, and one we hear about often. Some people say that the Church has now replaced Israel. I do not believe that is true. God is a God who always keeps His promises. I believe we are to pray for the peace of Israel

February 20, 2020

In a few weeks, our family will welcome a new little one into our family. My youngest brother and his wife already have two boys. One is three and a half, and the other is two.

The older boy loves rodeoes and anything to do with that. Their family lives in Texas, and they have friends in the rodeo business. I think that is where this interest got started. I think Daddy is starting to introduce him to baseball. I think his younger brother mostly follows him around and does whatever big brother does.

Their parents have a little farm. I think they have chickens and a couple of horses. I know they used to have goats, but I think they have gotten rid of them.

These little guys are getting to have a little sister. I think of these crazy little guys with a tiny baby, and I just laugh. They are going to have to adjust for sure. I’m sure their parents and others around will teach them how to behave with their sister. I think, I hope, family is going to be part of our family gathering this spring. I can hardly wait to meet her.

February 14, 2020

I’m remembering some different neighbors who we had and did things with through the years. I remember a girl named Sylvia, and I think her mother’s name was Robin. I think Sylvia came to play at our house more than we went to play at her house. Getting to go over there was special and fun. A lot of that was because the sister next to me and I were with her by ourselves, without our parents, or the younger children. It’s hard to remember that at that time there were only two or maybe three younger kids. I know my sister and I stayed the night at Sylvia’s a couple of different times. I think that’s where we first saw “Parent Trap”.

There was also a college girl who lived up the street, how we three younger girls admired her. I do not even remember her name anymore. But she had a trampoline. We used to love to go up to her house. I don’t think we would have to have her with us in order to jump. But oh we loved it when she would come play with us. She would tell us stories of college life and all kinds of interesting things.

February 7, 2020

This week I think we are going to talk about what it was like to be home schooled. I know some people wonder what it’s like to be home schooled. So here goes.

I remember we had what we called bible time, and our bible times is when everyone used to gather to study the scriptures together. We’d usually be memorizing some portion of the scriptures. I think we’d also be reading bible stories. I know sometimes we’d read from these books, and we’d have guess which bible character they were telling about. That was fun. I think bible time happened whenever it worked best. Sometimes it would be right after breakfast, sometimes it would be right before lunch.

Another thing I remember us doing pretty regularly in the earlier years was to have quiet times. These would happen after lunch. A lot of times we oldest girls would have some homework to finish up. But after that, most the time we would read, and my sister would turn pages. I think quiet times fell off as we got older, and fewer of the younger kids didn’t need naps. We started more of with friends in the afternoons

November 23, 2019

I thought I would share some of what our Thanksgiving should be like. We are going to my sister’s house in Atlanta. She has a nice house. Their main floor is pretty open. Their kitchen and family room are one giant room, and it’s big enough for everyone to gather. They also have a nice basement where other people can gather if they would like. We’ll make something for breakfast and then once everyone has eaten breakfast, the cooking of dinner begins. I know Mom and all my sisters will help, and my niece. She’s in high school and is taking this cooking class in high school.. She loves this class, and I’m sure we’ll hear a lot of stories about that as they cook. The guys are into football, and I guess they’ll be watching that whenever it starts. We usually eat our big dinner in the afternoon. I love Thanksgiving food. I love sweet potato casserole with brown sugar. Mom makes this wonderful apple cheese casserole and corn pudding. We’ll have turkey and ham, and mashed potatoes with gravy and green bean casserole. We’ll make pies too I’m sure some people will take a walk. We girls may get into holiday movies. We’ll snack on leftovers that evening.

October 25, 2019

I’ve been thinking about the life of Peter a lot. My group that meets on Sunday morning is studying his early life. And before that, I happened to read a novel about Peter’s life and how He met Jesus.

I often think we kind of cheat, well, cheat is not exactly the word I want because we don’t have a choice. But maybe the better way to say it is that we have an unfair advantage because we know the story. We like know that Jesus is the Son of the Living God, the Christ. They didn’t know He was, especially in the early days. Sure, they had their Torah, and there was a lot written about this Messiah in the Torah. And Jesus surrounded Himself with fishermen like Peter. I’ve heard that every Jewish boy memorized at least the first five books of the bible. Did that include people like Peter? I don’t know.

Peter and his friends watched Jesus do miracles. They listened to His teaching. I guess that they spent time among themselves discussing Jesus and who He was.

And then He died. Jesus should not have died, should He? He was here to save them from the awful oppressoion of the Romans, right? That was the biggest need they had. But then all of their hopes died when He hung on that cross. He died. What on earth could He do now? Did anyone remember Lazarus during those the darkest days of their lives? But then He did come back to life. And these disciples went on to do great things themselves.

Favorite books

October 19, 2019

Because of my disability, I spent a lot more time in the house than my siblings, and I have done a lot of reading. When asked what my favorite book is, I usually have a hard time deciding on just it one book. Let me tell you about a few of my favorites.

I don’t remember how old I was when I first read Little Women. But I’ve always loved that book. I’m pretty sure Jo was my favorite because she was the one that wanted to write. My Grandpa was the one that first took me to see the movie. We own the video of that movie, and I love it to this day.

And oh, there is Anne of Green Gables and that whole series. To this day, I’m not sure I’ve read all of the books. I have seen the first two movies countless times. There is a third movie that I’ve watched several times, but don’t love it..

I think I got a couple of series about World War II when I graduated high school. I gobbled them up, would read any time anyone would turn pages for me. I’ve always been fascinated with that time. I think part of that was my love for Corrie Ten Boom.

I was in my early twenties when I took a writing class with the homeschool group my siblings were part of. My teacher recommended some books about ancient Rome. Again I gobbled those books up.


October 11, 2019

I know that for several years when I was really young we would go to my grandparents’ house for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. I don’t remember when we stopped doing that, but know that I was pretty young. I loved being with my grandparents, loved being with my aunts and uncles too. I think we stopped going for Thanksgiving before cousins started coming. I remember that since both sets of grandparents lived in the same town, we would do a big lunch at one house and a big dinner at the other.

I know one year Mom just had one of my brothers, and my aunt decided to take me for a couple of weeks to give Mom a break. My grandmothers took me home for a couple of days after they had come to meet my baby brother. I think my aunt stayed with my grandparents a couple of days, and then I went to my aunt’s house. She’s my favorite aunt, always has been. I know I took my schoolwork but I don’t think we really did much of it. I remember we were busy planning and getting ready for Thanksgiving. We had Thanksgiving with her husband’s family, and then went to my grandparents the following day.

I remember one year we went to have Thanksgiving with some friends in South Carolina. These were friends who also had a number of children. I remember the dads taking us to some kind of flea market the day after Thanksgiving.

September 28, 2019

I’m not sure I can do this. We’ve had some busy weekends. I think this is going to be a random post.

I don’t think I’ve ever loved Halloween. Sure, I love candy, and we used to go trick or treating when I was little. But I’ve never been into being scared or anything close to that. I think I was Red Riding Hood’s grandmother once, and that’s the only one I remember.

The best thing about Halloween is that it’s the beginning of the bigger holidays season. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas. The most important thing about this season is being with friends and family. I love the time to relax and catch up with dear ones. Okay, so I do enjoy the food a lot too.


August 31, 2019

I am going to share some memories from the time when we lived in Franklin, North Carolina. It is an absolutely beautiful place in the mountains .

When I was a little girl, like six and seven, I used to take piano from our neighbor who lived next door. she and her husband were newly married. They had built their house, if I’m remembering right he did a lot of the work himself. I think I went on Saturday mornings. I was learning about piano theory. I wasn’t trying to pluck out notes with my pointer. We’d write songs together. I remember doing some lyrics as well as the music. I remember writing a song for a good friend in school. I remember writing another song for when a friend was getting married. I think I would do an hour lesson, but we would take a break, and I would eat a snack.

My parents have always tried to make time to spend just the two of them, so before my other brothers and sisters were old enough to babysit, other people used to to stay with us. My favorite people to stay with were a couple that were good friends of the whole family. They were a really fun couple. They would play games and tell funny stories. She is a fantastic cook, and fed me well. I love spending time with them to this day.

I also remember going to other friends late in the evening. My parents were playing cards. Sometimes we children would be put straight to bed. We wouldn’t really sleep, we’d talk and giggle. Sometimes we got to stay up and play with our other friends. Sometimes we’d spend the night with friends after those evenings. It’s fun to remember.