More about Blue

March 17, 2018

I’m finished with work for today, and I’m very pleased to say that things are going a lot better on my new communication device. I’ve decided to call my new communication device Blue. And the reason for that is when we first learned that I was to get the new device, that our request for funding had been approved, the company called Mom. And she came back to ask me what color I wanted the device to be.. I was so excited to be getting the new device. The device I was borrowing was doing what I needed it to, but I knew that it was slowly dying.

I am doing a lot better on access. There is kind of a funny story about that. I started using Blue on Wednesday. And I felt myself getting better some each day, but I was still quite slow.. Monday afternoon I had the brilliant thought that we might need to adjust the positioning of the the device. Adjusting that helped more than I thought it would. Felt kind of silly for not having thought of that sooner.

Several of my siblings and Mom and are going to get together with some old friends this week. These are friends I used to go to grade school with, and we’d play together after school a lot of afternoons. I’m looking forward to the time with family and friends.


March 10, 2018

I’m once again worn out. But this week I think I have a good excuse. I’m on my new communication device. It’s working great.. I just have to figure out how to use everything. I’m in the the process of figuring out all my passwords and all that fun stuff. It’s taking kind of a different physical movement, and so I’m trying to adjust to that. And sometimes when I’m excited or stressed, which I’m kind of feeling both lately, [excited to have it, stressed because I’m slow and not learning quickly], my body does weird things. I’m kind of fighting a lot of different things. I would appreciate prayer.

March 3, 2018

Another Saturday, and thankfully the work stuff I wanted to do is done. The biggest news here is that I’ve received my new device. I got it on Tuesday, but haven’t gotten to play with it yet. I don’t have the right tips. And besides, there is a lot to get to set up. Someone is coming Tuesday to help me set everything up this coming Tuesday. I’m hoping that my adjustment period is pretty easy.

We were with my sisters and their children for a couple of days this week. I always love being with my siblings. And I’m noticing that as my nieces and nephews grow up, it gets easier for me to have actual conversations with them which I love.

Things I’m grateful for

February 24, 2018

I’ve gotten some good work done on my business, especially this morning. When I came back to the computer after lunch, I started feeling pretty tired..

  • I’m grateful that I should have some time to work on personal e-mail and things this afternoon. I don’t especially want to be on the computer tomorow because…
  • I usually like to put aside the computer on Sunday. Doing that helps me feel more ready to start work Monday morning..
  • And our church is going to be celebrating twenty years from our launch. We’ll be having a party in the evening. I love having fun things to do on Sundays. This is going to be time with good friends, looking back on all that God has done in the past twenty years.
  • I’m also grateful to be getting a couple of days with my sisters this coming week. I always love getting getting to spend time with them.
  • I’m not sure what all we’ll do, but I know that we’ll be celebrating my nephew’s sixth birthday.
  • An old friend has come to visit. This was someone who was kind of like an older sister when I was a teenager.
  • And I’m grateful to say that this post came together pretty quickly and easily. Sometimes I have a really hard time figuring out what to write here. I’m also

Some big news

February 17, 2018

Another Saturday has come, and I’m glad to have gotten some good work work done today. But I’m also glad to put my work stuff aside for a time.

We got the call on Valentine’s Day. I am going to get a new communication device.. I’m grateful for the loaner device I have. It’s doing most of what I need it to. But I’m really excited to get my new device. It will be nice to have something new that shouldn’t break for a good while. I am going to have a new computer system, and I’m sure I am going to have lots to figure out.

I’m also starting to do some article writing again. Somehow with the holidays and family in and out, I was doing the things I consider necessary with work and letting the rest go. I’m trying to get a good system down of what all needs to be done. I sent two articles out yesterday.

February 10, 2018

I’m making myself do this since I’ve taken so much time off. We are going to get together with some friends later, and so I’m kind of racing through the things I need to do so I can go and just enjoy some time just hanging out with friends. I’m not getting out much lately and so I’m looking forward to this evening.

Part of our gathering we are going to go to a nursing home.. My mom’s parents used to live in a retirement home. They lived in a small apartment and joined their fellow resident for dinner most evenings. Grandma was still driving, and I think they enjoyed their time in the home until Grandma needed more help with Grandpa. It was kind of fun to visit them there because it was kind of a cute place. My brother and I used to go to their activity room and play Wii and pool. Okay, I would just watch.

To me me, nursing homes feel sad. It seem like they’re in the hospital, and sometimes they aren’t even sick. I wonder if their family comes and visits them? Do they get to go on outings? Do they get to go to their church?


February 3, 2018

January was kind of a crazy month. The beginning of the month was kind of busy with family. My family gathers after Christmas. I loved seeing everyone, especially my nieces and nephews. And then last week we had the opportunity to go to Cyprus again. And now that we’re home, I’m trying to get back into more normal work. I have some decisions I need to make. But I did want to get my Cyprus story written. So let’s get to that.

My church is big into missions. I forget how many missionaries we support. But there is one group that we know the people who run the missions group. They came out of our church. These are people I consider dear friends. I also love what this group does. And this is the group we are going to see when we go to Cyprus.

I’m not huge on flying. On the way over, our long flight was at night. And thankfully we did get some extra seas . I was able to sleep some on that flight, and that was nice. Our shorter flight was about five hours. Sadly I’m not in my wheelchair while flying, so I can’t use my communication device. And I can’t use the earphones they have, they just will not stay in. I get bored.

But getting to the hotel.. I guess we got there later in the evening, so I mostly ate and got to bed. The next day was kind of the day a lot of people got there, so we were busy welcoming everyone and getting caught up with old friends and meeting new ones. The first year I didn’t feel like I got to know other people at the conference. I was taken on a lot of walks by the hotel, and I’m not complaining, that was nice. But this year I was able to get a lot more people, and spend some good time with the people I know well…. Our hotel had most of our meals on buffet, and I must confess that I ate a lot of what was put out for the children. the place we were staying was a beach town, and we would take a lot of walks with different friends… Okay, that first day I also took a nap, which is almost unheard of for me.

Monday during the day was a lot like Sunday. Lots of eating, walking and visiting. Our meetings started that evening. We would gather for worship and then we would have a time of teaching. Often more than one person would speak.

Tuesday started our normal schedule. We would start meeting after breakfast. We would break to eat lunch and maybe have time for a walk. We’d meet in the afternoon. And we would usually have tme to visit and walk before dinner. Of course, part of that time I would have to be out of my wheelchair. After dinner, it was another meeting. I’d visit with everyone a little after that, but would usually need to get to bed pretty soon after the meeting.

That was Tuesday through Thursday. I do not remember a teaching I did not enjoy… Friday morning our meeting was kind of a wrap up session in the morning. And then sadly, people began leaving shortly after that. Friday afternoon\evening we were visiting with the people that were still there and saying our good-byes. Saturday evening we had the shorter flight. I got to lie down. But was still glad to have a hotel in London to sleep in. Sunday we were mostly at the airport and then had our long flight.

I loved my time there. I loved getting to spend time with old and new friends there.. Flying is not my favorite, but I think I’ll be ready to make the trek again next year.

My Christmas letter

December 23, 2017

Dear friends,

Let’s see, one big thing was going to Cyprus, with a surprise side trip to Israel this past February. This was my first time to leave our own country, and I was not disappointed. We went to be part of a conference for a missionary group that I’ve always loved. The an conference took place the first week we were over there, and we gotten to make a quick trip to Israel the second week. We’re actually about to go back for the conference in January this year.

Another highlight was getting to go to camp again this. That was in July. For me, camp is about helping families of people with disabilities see their loved one’s value. It’s also a great time to relax and enjoy some fun and laughter. I’m hoping this becomes an annual event for me.

With all my grandparents gone, I’m grateful to say that we’re still keeping in touch with our larger families. We spent my birthday weekend with Mom’s family. We’ve also gotten to see Dad’s brother this fall. We’ve gathered with different ones of my siblings throughout the year, and I always enjoy those times. We’ve also added two more nephews to the family this year. We are going to gather with most my siblings in January, and I’m looking forward to that.

I’m in kind of a complicated place with work. I need to make some decisions about work and where to go with all of that. One of the things I’m pretty sure I am going to be looking into more is writing articles and being paid for them. I will get more serious about working after January and all our celebrations.

I’m also looking for a newer friend group to be part of at church. I’ve had one of the friends I used to spend a lot of time with move away to help take care of her in laws. She does come back to town, and we get together whenever she’s around.

The other big thing in my life is my communication device broke about the time I was getting ready to go to to camp. Thankfully, I did get a loaner by the time camp started. But my device was older than we thought, and after a lot of discussion and back and forth, we’ve decided to get a new device.


I want to end by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.




December 16, 2017

I’m amazed. It’s a little after one, and I’ve finished everything I want important with work. now to take care of personal e-mail and Facebook. I also need to get some practice in on the new communication device I’m trying.

The new communication device.. Let me try to explain where I am on that. My communication device broke in July, and thankfully I’ve been able to get a loaner device. But as far as technology goes, my device is old, and the repair I need is expensive. I need to get a new device, it’s kind of the next thing. I have a lot to learn on this new device. First of all, this is a new kind of screen, and I’m trying to learn that. The new communication device also has a computer inside of it. The computer has been upgraded to Windows ten.. There is a whole lot to learn and figure out. It’s slow going for sure.

Things have changed in my life. The friend I did things with most Sundays has moved.. I never work on Sunday, but sometimes I’ll get lazy on Saturdays and save personal e-mail and Facebook for Sunday.. I like getting out of the house as much as I can on Sundays, to do things with friends. But sometimes that just does not work out.

Christmas memories

December 9, 2017

Christmas has always been one of my favorite times of year. I love the decorations. I love the plays. I love the Hallmark Christmas movies. I love the parties.

When I was growing up, the parties and plays seemed to be kind of a prelude.. We used to go to my grandparents each Christmas. We lived farther away than my aunts and their families, so my family would get to my grandparents a few days earlier. Both sets of grandparents lived in the same small town. I loved being with my Mom’s parents. For me, it was a great time to read, enjoy watching movies and relaxing.

Dad’s parents used to have these big dinners. It was my parents and siblings, Dad’s brother and his family, and then whoever else. Granny loved to make these huge dinners. She made t wonderful country cooking meals

I think I am going to stop here and get back to this next week.