I know I need to research this

I am not altogether sure what a blog should be. I need to look into that more, have looked at a couple of friends’ blogs this morning, but anyway. I feel like I’ve been a little scattered this morning, not uncommon for a Monday. But I have accomplished some things, and I’m not playing around on personal stuff. I just have so many things needing to be done.

I think, I hope, that once I’ll start school, and, holding breath, working somehow, I’ll have more interesting things to write about on this.. My thought is that I’ll be learning new things right and left, and that will help.

Tomorrow is election day, and I hope you vote. This is an important time in our country and we need the right leaders.

I made it a second day! But the bigger question is, will I be writing like I should in a couple of months or so? We will see.

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