Trying to research

I’m writing a novel about a group home for unwed mothers, and one of the questions coming up is, “Where is God when I hurt?” I know God is good ALL the time. I know that God works all things together for the good of those that love Him. But I’m trying to figure out how my Christian characters are going to explain that to a girl who hates God for all He has allowed in her life.

To my disappointment, I’m not finding much that will really help me yet. I am going to keep looking.

In other news, I have several job possibilities. I think I might be working for my Dad some, it isn’t exactly editing work, but it is paying work. I have also met a college student this weekend, and she is going to start sending me her papers and getting her friends to do the same. I am also going to contact another publisher and see if I can work for them.

I think I am going to register for school sometime this week. I think that will be interesting!

One Response to “Trying to research”

  1. Ken Tittle Says:

    Just found your blog. This one made me smile because having gone to college, and raised some college kids, I am thinking, this poor student hasn’t figured out yet that she won’t get her papers done until the night before (at best) and will be lucky to be able to e-mail them to her prof on time, let alone get someone to help edit for her. I am guessing that this is one good idea that didn’t work out. (Masters and doctors candidates working on their theses are a different story, maybe, but there the problem often is that they are so technical or specialized that it is hard for us mere mortals to deal with.) Ken

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