I am disabled

On a side note, I’ve been given another month to finish school. That really takes the pressure off me.

I am disabled. That fact is very obvious to anyone that meets me. I have disabled friends who try to hide their disability. I don’t. I can’t. If I go anywhere, I have to to go in a wheelchair. If I want to speak with anyone, I have to use my communication device. I’ve been looking for work online for years. Some people would say that that’s the one place I could hide my disability. I disagree. I really believe that eemployers need to know that I am disabled. I am going to be slower in everything that I do. An employer needs to know that I can’t always decide when to go out of town. I have to go if my parents say that I do. If I don’t go, I wouldn’t be able to eat.

Writing this, I wonder if somehow I’m prideful about my disability. I don’t think that I am. I would love to be made whole and well. I would love to have control over my life. But right now, that is just something I can dream about.

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