Home again

I would not call the trip we just took a vacation. It was not my favorite vacation to be sure. Vacations to me are times to just relax with family or good friends. I love hanging out, going out to eat, making special meals together. I enjoy going shopping with friends. The trip we just took was hardly any of those things. We had to help my grandparents move out of the home they’ve lived in since before I was born. I have tons of wonderful memories of that place. Having to let it go has been hard. But anyway. I’m sure our family will work out some fun things to do all together.

My two favorite things that came out of this trip are writing related. First, I’ve started writing a new book. Right now I absolutely love working on this book. I really think it has some potential. My problem is finishing anything.

The second thing I thoroughly enjoyed was having lots of time to read. I would read when I didn’t have anything to do. Or more typically I’d read because people were around, and I didn’t want them reading what I was writing.

Writing this has made me feel somewhat better about the trip.

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