Good idea turned bad

This is my confession. I love to read.

Hi, reading lover. Hear fellow bookworms answer, something like aa.

I did have a good reason for looking on Amazon’s free ebooks. Really I did. I am attempting to write a novel about a trial. I have lots of ideas for this book. However, I have no idea how trials (as in court trials) work. I would have loved to find a novel or two of Grisham’s.

Instead I found a Beverly Lewis novel. It’s even the first one in a series!  To be able to read one of my favorite authors on my own, actually reading without waiting on someone to turn the page, I couldn’t resist. 

I’m writing in the mornings, but in the afternoons I have to make myself do things besides read. I love the world Lewis writes about. I’ve always   been pulled in by her stories.. And this book is no exception.

It isn’t all bad. It is not like I have anything important to do anyway. I’m taking a break. Haven’t decided when to start looking for something new


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