Time is not my friend

I’m an author, or at least that’s what I want to be. And I love being with friends, as I will be tonight. But as a disabled person, I feel like so much of my life is interrupted, and to me that’s one of the worst parts of my day. Here’s something of a normal day.

  • Wake up at whatever time. Pray and think.
  • Mom gets at whatever time she can.
  • I read the the Bible,, taking notes as the first part of my day. That usually takes about an hour.
  • I answer e-mail for a ministry, and usually do that first thing after my quiet time. Sometime between these two I eat breakfast back here.
  • I usually have a couple of hour to write and/or do work stuffi. I’m looking for paying work, but really not finding much of anything.
  • My aide comes at 12-30 to give me lunch, which we eat in the kitchen away from my computer. I usually get out of my wheelchair and rest during those couple hours too.
  • Once my aide leaves, I get back to work. Checking e-mail, writing this Tuesday and Fridays, maybe writing a little more.
  • Then it’s time to eat dinner with my family, write in my journal and do personal e-mail. On very good days I might do a little more work.

I am frustrated with how little time I have. Wish I could get up a lot earlier most days.

My dream of becoming a journalist is not leaving. I need to do a lot more research on it. But when, how? I wish I knew what to do.

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