Upcoming plans

Work is going well enough, I guess. He seems to really like the work that I do. It isn’t a whole lot of money, and does take up a pretty good portion of my writing day. Things seem better than they were when we were visiting my sister. I did get to write some on my novel yesterday, and plan to work on it once I finish this.. E-mail? Let’s not go there. I look through to make sure I’m not missing anything important. Otherwise…

Spring has sprung, at least that’s what it says on the calendar. It is colder than usual here in Georgia. My birthday is in April, and I’m trying to plan a party with friends.

However. The big event coming up is a wedding for my sister. She and her husband did the courthouse thing two years ago.. He’s military, and she wanted to move out west with him. She has always wanted to do a wedding, but planning something around the army is awful hard. Even now, we are waiting to hear what his orders are before the date is set. Much of my family’s plans are kind up in the air until something is decided..

Enough about this, I am going to go write..

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