Yes, that is the name of the wonderful novel I’m reading. However, my family is also going out of town until Thursday. I am going with them, of course. I have no choice about that, but maybe one day soon I will. Really hope so anyway. We do not have internet where we are going, leaving me very little to do. I don’t like these kind of trips. However, I’ve learned that my sister is going to be around, which will make things better.

When I do move out, when not if, what will be my criteria for taking trips with them? I know I will want to go whenever they go to see family or friends. Otherwise, I do not think that I will want to go. I guess it will also depend on how long they will be gone. We will see how everything works out, how much time I can and want to be away from work.

Even with my sister coming, I still kind of wish I could stay behind. I think it would be awesome to have complete quiet to write. Will I ever get any time like that?

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