Trying to make a plan

Yesterday was a day I was mostly a blob, and simply enjoyed a good novel. Sorry guys.

I’ve started researching living possibilities just a little. I have not come up with much yet. I need to do a lot more research.

I would really like to find a group home here in Columbus, Georgia. I would want my own room because I like privacy when I’m on my computer. But if I could live with other people, knowing that I am not by myself at night, having friends to eat meals with, would be so nice..

I would love to get down to this center sometime and ask them lots of questions. Are there group homes here?  How much do they cost? How flexible are they? Am I going to be able to decide things like when I want to eat, take my bath, go to bed? What kind of driving services do they have? Could I work enough to pay to live on my own? I wish I could get answers today.

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