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Job hunting (again) :(

May 17, 2011

I’m not 100% sure of ththis yet, but I do not think I am going to be hired at the independent living center, at least not this go round. They think they are going to do more hiring later this year, and are going to keep my application on file. Waiting on this for months on end is really not what I want. But anyway.

I started looking on Elance again. Maybe I can get a decent job, then move out, and then maybe start school. Really wish I could that within a month’s┬átime, or at least have everything taken pray of by this coming fall.

Of course, my family has a very wild next couple of weeks. I have no idea how much I am going to be able to work coming up. Looking forward to being with everyone, but oh to figure everything out.

Something’s gotta give

May 11, 2011

I’m writing this today because I am not sure what the rest of my week holds. We are going to my brother’s graduation. Next weekend my sister leaves for Europe, and then we are going to my sister’s house.

I’m having a rough time, because I do not like being gone as much as we are. Riding in the car isn’t exactly the most comfortable thing for me. But there’s more to it than that. I enjoy my life here a lot. I now have an awesome community group which meets on Thursdays. I really do not like missing that. I hate missing church. And going anywhere interrupts my writing. I have some really fun ideas for the novel that I am working on, and would really like more time to work on this.

I am not hearing from the center still. That is so frustrating right now. I’m not sure what to do.


May 10, 2011

Side note : just read my last entry. It was rough, people. I wrote it on the fly and was not careful. Sorry, friends.

I haven’t been hearing much from this independent living center. That’s been really frustrating. So I’m trying to figure out a way to actually get down there. I wish I could do that tomorrow. However, if I’m fortunate, it might be sometime next week. I have a lot of questions to ask them. And maybe Mom, who’s starting to nbe so sure about this plan, can go down and talk through some things. Maybe that will help.

I’m hoping that something with this center does work. Living at home and deciding little for myself, is getting very frustrating!


May 7, 2011

It is Saturday, and that is becoming my usual day to write. Nothing exciting is really happening. Though being away from my computer for three days has made me more excited to be back home and back to work. I wrote lots today, which is a good thing.

I know that there is a trainer into this center I want so much to work for. The e-mail I got was one of those, “did you get the e-mail?” things. So I don’t know anything more than that, which is a little frustrated, but anyway. At least I know they have not given up on me yet. I was kind of worried that they had. Waiting is really hard when you want something this much.

Crazy Family Times

May 3, 2011

I’m not not hearing anything more on the job at the center or my article-writing job. I’m not being paid, so I’m not working anymore. I’m not looking for anything new yet, waiting to hear more from the center, hopefully, and the next month is going to be crazy busy with family. Right now, all I’m really doing is writing. I’m glad that we’re leaving tomorrow.

Tomorrow we are going to my brother and sisterin-law’s. My sister-in-law, who’s ery close to a sister, graduates nursing school. I think my niece graduates preschool tomorrow.. We’ll return Friday. Kind of wish we would stay longer. Really enjoy hanging out with them.

The Thursday after that we’ll head to my brother’s graduation. I’m not sure how long we’re staying. But since both he and my younger brother will be coming home to relax, it doesn’t matter.

And after that, I don’t know when we’re leaving. But I have a sister who is having a wedding. The place of the wedding is several hours from us. And we are going to have to get my grandparents. We will be staying with my other sister some. I’m really looking forward to everything. We’ll be seeing cousins and lots of old friends. But between this crazy month and not knowing about the center and what will come of that, I’m not looking into jobs.