Crazy Family Times

I’m not not hearing anything more on the job at the center or my article-writing job. I’m not being paid, so I’m not working anymore. I’m not looking for anything new yet, waiting to hear more from the center, hopefully, and the next month is going to be crazy busy with family. Right now, all I’m really doing is writing. I’m glad that we’re leaving tomorrow.

Tomorrow we are going to my brother and sisterin-law’s. My sister-in-law, who’s ery close to a sister, graduates nursing school. I think my niece graduates preschool tomorrow.. We’ll return Friday. Kind of wish we would stay longer. Really enjoy hanging out with them.

The Thursday after that we’ll head to my brother’s graduation. I’m not sure how long we’re staying. But since both he and my younger brother will be coming home to relax, it doesn’t matter.

And after that, I don’t know when we’re leaving. But I have a sister who is having a wedding. The place of the wedding is several hours from us. And we are going to have to get my grandparents. We will be staying with my other sister some. I’m really looking forward to everything. We’ll be seeing cousins and lots of old friends. But between this crazy month and not knowing about the center and what will come of that, I’m not looking into jobs.


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