Doing better than last week, at least

Last week I thought my computer died. I thought I had lost everything. I have Mozy, so most my files were retrievable. My biggest worry was that I’d lost all my Kindle books that I’ve collected. I love having a “kindle” on my computer, and that I hear about many free Christian novels online.

To my major relief, I got my computer back the day after I got it to a friend. And more importantly, I lost absolutely nothing. I’m so grateful.

However, I got the computer back Wednesday night. And for the rest of the week had major problems thinking of anything to write. I mean, I started questioning whether or not I really wanted to write anyway. That would kind of be sad, since I have next to nothing published. However, taking a day completely off, as I do most Sundays, and looking at everything again yesterday has given my imagination the boost that it needed. I am thoroughly enjoying writing again.

On the other hand, there is nothing new on the center to report, and that’s frustrating to say the least. I really want to get this job. I think it would be great for me in a myriad of ways. Not the least of which is people say that authors need to experience life. And right now, I do not leave my house often. Besides, I truly enjoy working with the disabled.

Praying that somehow things will get busier with the center.


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