We got back yesterday. And come to find out we aren’t going anywhere until the beginning of August,, which is good for us.

However, the big news is that the people from the center are going to come to the house and meet me this coming Thursday afternoon. I think I may write on Friday this week to let you know what they say. At this point, I think my biggest concern is that Mom will not like what they say, and be totally against me pursuing this.. And I don’t know what I will do if she does say no.

However, one of the people coming is an executive director of another center. And I find that encouraging somehow. Becoming executive director here is really what I want to do, I think. I think my ggest question there is how many minutes I would have to work, and could I do that and still write.

I’m excited and yet nervous about the meeting, and am just praying that it goes well.

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