I am pro-life

first, I need to say that we are going out of town once again, leaving tomorrow and returning Friday evening. I may or may not get to writing my second post on Saturday. We’ll see what’s going on.

To be perfectly honest, traveling all the time has made it difficult for me to be motivated to get things done. I’m not even keeping up with reading e-mail, much less looking for paying work or more publishing opportunities.

However, when we are home, I do write. The novel I’m working on, as several of my started novels, have to do with the pro-life movement. I am passionately pro-life, no question of that. I would love to have a family of my own. But I’m also pro-life because I believe that this is a slippery slope that we’re on. If we can kill babies on a whim, and we do, what happens when old people get too old to care for themselves? But we’re already starting on that path. And sadly, the next people that society will start seeing as expendable is the disabled. Why should society pay for people who produce nothing?

Anyway, I’m having to research on topics like this. It would be so nice if I could stay home by myself and work on this.. But I do have to do this little thing called eating.. But, anyway…

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