I had my wisdom teeth taken out two weeks ago today. Recovery has been difficult, mostly because I’m still having trouble eating.. I’m still weak, but I’m making progress and am encouraged by that. Hopefully after this life is going to get back to normal, and I can update this regularly.. I am especially encouraged by the fact that I am actually working today. I’ve mostly been reading before this.

But on to the news… It has been months since I have heard heard anything from the Independent Living Center. I had given up on hearing from them, unless I found a way to actually get down there. I had no idea how to do that, much as I would have liked to. So I was beginning to wonder if the center would work with me at all.

I just heard from them day. They would like to come meet with me this coming Monday. Sadly I’m not sure they have an actual job for me. I’m not sure of anything at this point, except that I desperately wish it was time for that meeting already!

I’m hoping to find some kind of job, hopefully something that pays pretty well, before much longer.. My hope is to get as little from the government as I can. I don’t know how everything will work.

My, but doing something feels good!


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