Needing a break

I hoped to accomplish so much today. However, I’m working on that test for the Search Engine Evaluator job, and need a break, at least. Haven’t decided whether to get back to it today or finish this first part Monday. Kind of hate to  wait. This is the first part, which I have to pass in order to do the second longer (ugh!) part.

I think I’m doing okay, but kind of nervous.. I have their manual, and it is an open book test thankfully. It’s looking like it would be interesting enough work. I would be rating all kinds of websites. I have refused to do “adult content” sites.

I think I’m nervous about time because I am going to be traveling one day, and we aren’t sure about the wifi out at my sister’s.

I think this job might be a good one for me to get. It sounds like they’re pretty flexible. And any permanent job would mean that I’ve met the first goal with the center. That would be a wonderful feeling.

But I really don’t think I can work tomorrow. I think my body needs a day to relax..


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