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Good Friday? Isn’t every Friday good?

April 6, 2012

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m trying to get three blog posts in a month’s time, except of just too.

As is pretty normal for me, I am really tired on a Friday afternoon, really feeling the need to relax this weekend. I have work I need and want to do. But thankfully, nothing absolutely has to be done at any certain time.

I did start that editing job. It is going well. Yesterday, the first day, I was so happy to have it, thrilled to be back to editing. This job is not something I could make a living at by any means. I am going to keep looking into the travel agent idea. Today, I’m still happy to have this, still enjoying my work, but I don’t think I am going to finish the second set of ten articles like I did yesterday.

Job possibilities, maybe?

April 4, 2012

Wednesdays are usually pretty crazy. I have a prayer meeting I usually go to on Wednesday morning. So I usually have very little time to work on Wednesday mornings. Today I glanced through business e-mail before leaving. I’ve gotten a couple different things about the travel agent prospect. I think that this is something I should pursue. There are just details to figure out. I was also invited to bid on an editing job. It looks like it could be an on going job.. I went on and bid on it and will just see what happens. I might be able to do both somehow. I don’t know. Please pray about all this. Figuring things out sooner rather than later would be so nice.

Now, on to the book… Alcorn writes, “Scripture doesn’t minimize suffering or gloss over it”. I’m studying the Book of Job as part of my quiet time each morning. Job suffered. It’s very obvious that he did. We know the end of the story. We know that Job’s later life exceeded everything he had before the troubles started.

Or think about what we’re about to celebrate this weekend. Although Jesus had told them He would rise again, they didn’t understand that that’s literally what He meant. So when Jesus died, of course they figured everything was over. What person in their natural mind wouldn’t..

We do not see or know the end of our story. That’s a very good thing for me to keep in mind lately.

Yesterday was a holiday, right? Ha ha ha

April 3, 2012

I know that there was no holiday yesterday. I just did not feel like working .. Actually even that may not be true. I knew things I could and should be doing, including this, but just read a novel. I’ve mentioned this novel before. It’s the one I was dying to read and figure out what happened. Well, things did not turn out like I thought, or hoped, they would. But it’s still a good read.. But now that I know how everything turns out, I can get work done. Feeling a lot better about what I finished today as opposed to yesterday.

Sigh, I know I want to try to do this travel agent thing. The problem is $$$ money. I’ve not spoken to my parents about this, but when I’ve tried to get jobs before that required money, my parents said that wasn’t a good idea. So I’m starting to look around on the internet to see if there might be anyone online willing to help a disabled young woman get are started in a business. I haven’t found anything yet. I think I am going to try some more research on it tonight. We’ll see. Figuring something out would be so very nice. I know I need to find something. It’s mostly just making myself work at night that I question. I think I like the idea of working at night better than the actuality it. I’ve tried to work after dinner. Usually I find myself doing personal things instead.

I will try to get back to the book tomorrow… We’ll see.