Yesterday was a holiday, right? Ha ha ha

I know that there was no holiday yesterday. I just did not feel like working .. Actually even that may not be true. I knew things I could and should be doing, including this, but just read a novel. I’ve mentioned this novel before. It’s the one I was dying to read and figure out what happened. Well, things did not turn out like I thought, or hoped, they would. But it’s still a good read.. But now that I know how everything turns out, I can get work done. Feeling a lot better about what I finished today as opposed to yesterday.

Sigh, I know I want to try to do this travel agent thing. The problem is $$$ money. I’ve not spoken to my parents about this, but when I’ve tried to get jobs before that required money, my parents said that wasn’t a good idea. So I’m starting to look around on the internet to see if there might be anyone online willing to help a disabled young woman get are started in a business. I haven’t found anything yet. I think I am going to try some more research on it tonight. We’ll see. Figuring something out would be so very nice. I know I need to find something. It’s mostly just making myself work at night that I question. I think I like the idea of working at night better than the actuality it. I’ve tried to work after dinner. Usually I find myself doing personal things instead.

I will try to get back to the book tomorrow… We’ll see.

One Response to “Yesterday was a holiday, right? Ha ha ha”

  1. Kathryn Faulkner Says:

    Sometimes, if I have “work” to do, I will break it up throughout the day. Like, “I can play a game AFTER I call the doctor.” Everything doesn’t always get done, but at least I can accomplish one or two things

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