Remember me?

I am, at very long last, back to work like normal! I got my new communication device on Saturday, and I’m so glad to be back to having a good way to be on the computer! There are about six thousand things I want to do right now. However, I’m still figuring out computer things, so I am having to go pretty slowly. Mostly I’m writing this to let everyone know that I’m back to work and everything!  Praise the Lord! 

3 Responses to “Remember me?”

  1. Robin Kennedy Says:

    Praise God from whom all computer devices flow! Glad to see you back up and running!

  2. Donna Budjenska Says:

    Yay! Welcome back and I hope the work keeps you busy very soon!

  3. Kathryn Faulkner Says:

    That is awesome!!! Any plans to write (stories/novels)?

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