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Thinking things through

September 27, 2012

I feel Most of what I call my business e-mail is different writing groups I’m part of.. And discussions about blogs come up from time to time. Blogs are something that authors are encouraged to do. It helps you to become known…

However, it helps when your blog has a focus. A focus helps you develop a following. It also helps when you find people who write similar blogs and connect to them.. I think I am going to make this blog’s focus disability.. Disability is broad. I am going to do some research and narrow it down more once I get through all my old e-mail. That’s the plan anyway.

September 25, 2012

I’m not sure I can do this in the time I have, but we shall see. This week has started out pretty crazy. And I’m not sure it is going to slow down any… I have work stuff I would like to be doing, but that’s just not getting done… Oh well, I’ll manage.

One of the reasons things are crazy is that we are starting another 40 Days for Life Campaign. There is a vigil tonight, but the actual campaign starts tomorrow. There are all kinds of things going on with that. Columbus people, if you want more information, I think I can get it to you.

I don’t think I’ve said much about this on this blog, but I love watching movies, especially on the weekends when I’m tired.. Last Friday we watched the movie, “October Baby”. The movie is about a young girl finding out she was adopted and then she goes to find the woman that tried to abort her.. Loved that movie.

September 20, 2012

Right now, blogging is something I really enjoy doing. And I wanted to write something today, but had no idea what. I mean, I’m figuring out how to make my communication device my primary computer. So I’m putting my Kindle app on there, and thinking about changing my personal e-mail to make it easier to work in on this. That’s exciting stuff to me, but I don’t think that makes for an exciting blog post.

So I started thinking… Not only did the communication device rep and I figure out a lot with the device, she also let me know that I have been accepted as an ambrxassador for the communication device company. This basically means that I am going to go places to demonstrate my device. I have done some of this kind of thing before with my speech-language pathologist. I have always enjoyed going to things like that. Working with the company, and yes I think we’re actually paid as ambassadors, will hopefully give me more opportunities. There is this big conference coming up in November that I would like to go to. We will see if we can work that out.

September 19, 2012

The rep that has helped me get my new communication device came yesterday. The goal we’re working toward is for me to primarily use this device as my computer and just use my computer to make sure that everything is backed up… I go to a prayer meeting on Wednesday mornings most of the time. And last night I was too tired to do much of anything productive. So this afternoon is my first time to try anything. I have a lot to figure out for sure, but I feel like it is going pretty well.

I am working on getting my business e-mail back in some sort of reasonable order. I’m working on that any time I can, and that is going well also.

I can’t tell you how glad I am to be making progress. rx

September 14, 2012

Getting feedback on this always thrills me and makes me want to write more. So thanks for the comments, and please keep them coming!

I have a good bit of work a head of me. I know that. I have over 2000 e-mails waiting on me to be read. And I am really hoping to get lots of work in this coming week. I would welcome prayers in that regard.

And once I am caught up on e-mail and things like that, my plan is to do some serious thinking about this blog and its purpose. I think writing about disability topics may be where I am going to go with this. Writing about disability seems to get me the most cherished feedback.

However, we’re going to my sister’s this weekend. We’re going to celebrate my oldest niece’s birthday a little late. And I feel distracted.. I just want to get there… What are your weekend plans? r

Working around obstacles rx

September 13, 2012

I tried to do this yesterday, and it didn’t work. Let’s see if today goes better. I really think that it will. I’m pretty sure I had a breakthrough yesterday. And it was very needed and much appreciated.

One of the big things I figured out yesterday was that I can work through my business e-mail online. I have been pretty stubborn about it, I admit. I like doing my e-mail through Office. However, Office and my business e-mail are not seeing eye to eye. For weeks I’ve tried to figure out my problems with Outlook. I’ve tried it on my old computer and on my new device. Nothing has worked.. However I’m managing onlino

I’m also figuring out how to actually write online. It is difficult to explain my problemWhat about you? Have you figured out any ways around obstacles lately? Write and let me know. rx

I am figuring things out

September 7, 2012

This has not been the greatest week of work. I am still trying to figure things out… Saturday afternoon , when I was hoping to get so much done, turn out to be what they call an epic fail . I put something on the computer that made my communication device crash. It was my fault, not the communication device’s, let me make that clear.

So Tuesday morning, Monday being a holiday, my sweet sister and I called the company and figured it out. I was not certain we would not have to send my new

communication device back for repairs . I am so grateful that it did not come to that .

So I’m kind of just learning everything still .. It was a lesson learned that I do not want to repeat.

Learning curve

September 1, 2012

I am going to get back to working normally. I’m surxe I will! Saying that to myself helps . I’m just learning everything. And this is an actual computer. So that means :

  1. I have to get used to not having a keyguard, because the keyguard interferes with my ability to see and use the computer.
  2. There are programs to put on and all my files to transfer. Hopefully my sister and I will work on that this afternoon. She is working now, so she is a lot more than she used to be
  3. I have worked some on my old computer. But I am seeing more and more my programs need to be updated.