Getting feedback on this always thrills me and makes me want to write more. So thanks for the comments, and please keep them coming!

I have a good bit of work a head of me. I know that. I have over 2000 e-mails waiting on me to be read. And I am really hoping to get lots of work in this coming week. I would welcome prayers in that regard.

And once I am caught up on e-mail and things like that, my plan is to do some serious thinking about this blog and its purpose. I think writing about disability topics may be where I am going to go with this. Writing about disability seems to get me the most cherished feedback.

However, we’re going to my sister’s this weekend. We’re going to celebrate my oldest niece’s birthday a little late. And I feel distracted.. I just want to get there… What are your weekend plans? r

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  1. jeaniephillips Says:

    oh my goodness! 2,000 emails? that could take a while.
    Y’all have a wonderful time at your sister’s…….it is so great that you get to go and celebrate your niece. My plans for the weekend are that I am going to a Beth Moore simulcast in Eufaula- so excited! Then church and puppets and Crave Outloud on Sunday.
    Have a great trip and hopefully I will see you on Wednesday if you are back.
    Love ya.

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