Right now, blogging is something I really enjoy doing. And I wanted to write something today, but had no idea what. I mean, I’m figuring out how to make my communication device my primary computer. So I’m putting my Kindle app on there, and thinking about changing my personal e-mail to make it easier to work in on this. That’s exciting stuff to me, but I don’t think that makes for an exciting blog post.

So I started thinking… Not only did the communication device rep and I figure out a lot with the device, she also let me know that I have been accepted as an ambrxassador for the communication device company. This basically means that I am going to go places to demonstrate my device. I have done some of this kind of thing before with my speech-language pathologist. I have always enjoyed going to things like that. Working with the company, and yes I think we’re actually paid as ambassadors, will hopefully give me more opportunities. There is this big conference coming up in November that I would like to go to. We will see if we can work that out.

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