I’m not sure I can do this in the time I have, but we shall see. This week has started out pretty crazy. And I’m not sure it is going to slow down any… I have work stuff I would like to be doing, but that’s just not getting done… Oh well, I’ll manage.

One of the reasons things are crazy is that we are starting another 40 Days for Life Campaign. There is a vigil tonight, but the actual campaign starts tomorrow. There are all kinds of things going on with that. Columbus people, if you want more information, I think I can get it to you.

I don’t think I’ve said much about this on this blog, but I love watching movies, especially on the weekends when I’m tired.. Last Friday we watched the movie, “October Baby”. The movie is about a young girl finding out she was adopted and then she goes to find the woman that tried to abort her.. Loved that movie.

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