I am going to make it my goal this coming week to finish clearing out my business e-mail this coming week so I can get on with life. I have a tendency to get something stuck in my mind and then kind of be paralyzed to do anything else until that one thing is done.. I mean, I am writing on my novel some. And obviously, I’m also working some on this.

I have a lot of questions about this blog that I am going to be working through and doing some research on… I know that blogs should have a theme. I don’t think I’m doing well with keeping this on a focused theme. I am also wondering how often I should blog. Should I set myself a schedule and just make say to myself, YOU MUST BLOG ON THESE DAYS NO MATTER WHAT? Some people do their blog posts way in advance. But I really don’t like that idea. It just isn’t me. I’m toying with the idea of setting myself a schedule of sorts and do different topics on different days of the week.

One thing I know I haven’t done in a while and want to get back to is going through this book of Randy Alcorn’s “If God is Good, Why Do We Hurt?” Okay, think of what we call history, the story of earth. As a Christian, I believe that God made a perfect universe. However, we humans badly messed everything up by refusing to go God’s way and instead going our own… If you had written earth’s story, would you have writing it this way? Would you have written a story with no conflict?

You might have. And I might have as well. But think about this. Without conflict, is there much of a story. Think about this. Once a little girl was told to take some food to her grandmother. So she she goes and does exactly as she is told. The grandmother gets the food, and all is well. Is that an interesting story? No, not really.

Maybe you’re saying, that’s a story but this is real life? Okay, how much do you appreciate something that is always there right when you need it, doing its job perfectly. Do you not enjoy good health more after you’ve been sick?

I need to go for now. What things do you appreciate more having once lost them?


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  1. Kathryn Faulkner Says:

    Hi Sarah 🙂

    You raise some interesting points. First off: I’m not a fan of “should”. When I started my blog(s), I put some “should” restrictions on myself and ended up making myself so neurotic that I couldn’t do ANYTHING. Then I felt guilty for not following through on the “rules” I set up for myself. But then again, you may work differently than I do (and I pray to God you do…my little world is a scary place) Just ignore me if you don’t agree.

    I do, however, really like your book idea (going through a book on your blog) I may (translation: probably will) steal that for my blog. I read an interesting book by Warren Wiersby called “Looking Up When Life Gets You Down” that dealt with the issue of suffering. I think the paradigm of “why do bad things happen to good people” is a very interesting thing to explore. I’m seeing a blog post about this in the future…hehehe

    I do have 3 blogs…each on a different topic, so I agree with that “should” as well.

    In answer to your question:

    materialistic: my computer
    non-materialistic: the ability to walk


  2. editingsarah59 Says:

    I certainly know what you mean about the computer.. Pray with me about the shoulds

  3. Kathryn Faulkner Says:

    I don’t mean to tell you how you should (hehe) run your blog…just sharing my experience

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