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Being Grateful rx

November 27, 2012

rOur family truly had an awesome Thanksgiving. For the last three years we have Thanksgiving with a family of dear friends of ours. Getting our two families together is always a lot of fun. And yes, I thoroughly enjoyed the actual feast.


Their family has a tradition that I think a lot of families have of going around the family circle and telling what each person is thankful for before eating. I wrote a little something up that I shared around the circle. But to be honest, I did that list quickly, maybe doing the whole thing in under ten minutes… Today I feel compelled to think through things a little more.


1] I am grateful to the Lord for His forgiveness and mercy.


2] I am grateful to my family for loving me and taking good care of me.


3] I am very grateful for this communication device and that it works well most of the time.


4] I am thankful for my church and that I have lots of friends that love me.


that definitely includes my small group!  I love my group!


5] I am thankful to be getting back to reviewing books again. It’s a wonderful way to get free books.


6] I am grateful to be in this special Christmas season. I always look forward to that!  rx

November 15, 2012

[I started this yesterday, but have no time to change anything.]


Today hasn’t been the best of days. I’ve had some problems with the eco. I’ve figured out the big problem on my own, and I’m now working on getting things back to normal. I confess that I have been somewhat flustered, and sadly haven’t accomplished much today.


However, we are once again about to take off tomorrow. This time we are going to see my grandparents, and then we’ll go on to celebrate Thanksgiving with most of my immediate family. I am looking forward to that time. I think that this season may be my favorite time of year. I love the plays, the lights, the parties celebrating the birth of our Lord. Thanksgiving just seems like the official beginning of that season.


I’m really not sure what this coming week holds as far as works goes. So I thought I’d at least get out another post for this week. My hope is that after the holiday season our traveling spurt will come to an end or slow down at least.


Speaking of the holiday season, I’m reviewing a book all about the holiday season. “Angel Song” is by Mary Manners. I finished reading this wonderful book not sure what else to do with myself.


Quinn moved back to where her foster parents lived, grateful to have found a job which allows her to at least keep food on the table for her and her little girl. The job is not the best, but will do until she finds something in her job.


Jason has just learned that one of the helpers for the Christmas pageant is sick, and will not be able to help? He does not want to disappoint the church kids. He has been a disappointment to an important person before and never wants to do that again. Can Jason convince Quinn that the church will accept her in spite of her past?


I absolutely loved book. I love most anything about this time of year. Find this book at Amazon. r

Stolen Miracles rx

November 13, 2012

Today I am going to do another book review. The book is called Stolen Miracles by Mary Manners. And again, Mary is another author from my e-mail group.

Rebecca Gillespie almost lost her life in the accident that took her husband’s life. Because Rebecca was in a coma, her mother in law decides to give the baby girl up for adoption. The young woman now spends her days running a daycare center hoping against hope that her darling girl will become a student there.

Cole’s world had shattered when he lost his precious wife eleven months earlier. But he’s trying to make things as normal as possible for him and the daughter they had adopted. Putting the little girl in daycare is something he has to do. But when he goes to the preschool to do the initial interview, he is shocked to discover that the director of the preschool is his old crush. Cole is even more shocked to see all the similarities between his daughter and the owner of the daycare.

Can Cole convince Rebecca that he wants to be part of her life not only to keep his daughter, but because he truly loves the biological mother of his child?

I loved this book. Adoption stories, whether true or fictional, always seem to captivate me. This is a good read that will take you no more than an afternoon to read. You can find it on Amazon.

My thoughts on the election

November 9, 2012

[This has taken me two days to work on]


Like many of you, I have been thinking a lot about politics, and the results of the election this past Tuesday. I’ll admit that I was pretty unhappy about the way the presidential election turned out. I am going somewhere with this. Please stay with me.

Everyone here knows how I feel about life issues. Life is precious, beginning at conception and ending at natural death. And yes, that does include cases of rape and incest. Two wrongs never make a right.

I believe that homosexuality is always wrong. I believe that the Bible clearly states that. And no new ruling on marriage is going to change that. However, I also believe that the way the Church as a whole has ttreated homosexuals is also wrong. Homosexuality is not the unpardonable sin. Homosexuals need to be welcomed into the church and loved. Becoming their arch enemies will not make them turn from their sin. Personally I would love to see some dialogue open up between Christians and homosexuals. I’m just not sure how to go about starting something like that.

The way the current administration spends money also troubles me greatly. We are going deeper and deeper into debt with every year that passes. And that can only hurt us in the long run.

I also do not like the way this administration treats Israel. Israel is God’s chosen people. And God has said, I will bless those that bless you, and I will curse those that curse you.

AND YET, ultimately the American people did not make this decision, God did. His ways are so much higher than ours. He sees the whole picture, and we do not. I truly believe that this decision is part of His plan. And I have to trust that He is working everything for our good.

I know that what I have written is pretty controversial. But I still would welcome your feedback. Maybe especially from those that disagree. They may well end up as subjects of future posts. ‘x

November 6, 2012

I’m not doing well with this. Life is just busy lately, going out of town most weekends, and having this and that to do in the evenings. I wanted to write something about the election today, but that is just not coming together. I’m praying about the results of this today a good bit.
I’m kind of in a rush, because I am going to be helping my speech-language pathologist teach a class. She’s a professor, and usually once a quarter I go to speak to the class about using a communication device. It’s a fun thing to do. I give a little talk and then I answer questions.. I’d best get this posted.. r