Stolen Miracles rx

Today I am going to do another book review. The book is called Stolen Miracles by Mary Manners. And again, Mary is another author from my e-mail group.

Rebecca Gillespie almost lost her life in the accident that took her husband’s life. Because Rebecca was in a coma, her mother in law decides to give the baby girl up for adoption. The young woman now spends her days running a daycare center hoping against hope that her darling girl will become a student there.

Cole’s world had shattered when he lost his precious wife eleven months earlier. But he’s trying to make things as normal as possible for him and the daughter they had adopted. Putting the little girl in daycare is something he has to do. But when he goes to the preschool to do the initial interview, he is shocked to discover that the director of the preschool is his old crush. Cole is even more shocked to see all the similarities between his daughter and the owner of the daycare.

Can Cole convince Rebecca that he wants to be part of her life not only to keep his daughter, but because he truly loves the biological mother of his child?

I loved this book. Adoption stories, whether true or fictional, always seem to captivate me. This is a good read that will take you no more than an afternoon to read. You can find it on Amazon.


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