Operation Breathless

It is Monday, and for once I’m making progress on several different things. That being the case, I figured I’d write a review of the book I read last week. I have at least two more I need to read and review, so I’d best get started. The book is called “Operation Breathless” by Marianne Evans. And as always, the book is available at Amazon or White Rose Publishing.


There are never really easy relationships. When you are trying to help people overcome their problems, things can get even more complicated and heartbreaking. That is what Susanna Daniels learns as she runs a rehab center. Troubled teens do not usually get on the straight and narrow and never look back.


Gabe Pertti, brother of Pia Peretti in “Jewels for the Kingdom”, walks into Susanna’s life just when she needs a friend. Gabe is a cop who is on leave because of trouble of his own. Volunteering at Susanna’s center seems like an excellent way to spend his leave. The two of them start seeing a lot of each other, both on the job and off.


The trouble is that Gabe needs to return to his job after his month of leave. How can Susanna let herself fall for this wonderful man? Then again, how can she not?


I read this book in one afternoon, enjoying it thoroughly. r

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