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There is right and wrong

January 31, 2013

I was thinking that I should do this last night, but decided to just be lazy with my family instead of working. My group meeting was cancelled last night because of bad weather and some other things. I would really like to be doing my first post of the week before Thursday. And I am going to work on that…


Back to, “If God is Good” by Alcorn. Alcorn is starting to hit hard against this idea of moral relativism. How do we know that breaking into someone’s home is wrong? It is wrong because it hurt the offended party.


Let’s take another example. Some people say that sex between two adults who are both consenting to it is always all right. But is it? Say one or both of the parties is married to other people. Doesn’t the affair, or whatever you want to call it, hurt the offended spouse? They may say it doesn’t hurt, but sometimes people live in denial. But because God is a faithful God, He wants us to be faithful to one another as well.


Another interesting thing is, most people, whether they are Christians or not, believe that it is good to help your fellow men. Why is that? Why is everyone so impressed when people help needy children??

March for Life

January 26, 2013

As usual, I’m kind of racing around, trying to get everything I would like to get accomplished for this week done. I almost never work on Sundays. I rarely do anything on Sundays except to do my quiet time and maybe do some fun reading. Especially with my disability, having one day where I do not do much except enjoying friends or family seems really important. If I do work on Sunday, I usually have trouble later that week.


So anyway. Yesterday some of my family and I went down to the government center in Columbus, GA to attend our March for Life. We’re connected to the pro life organization here, so we keep informed about the different things that they have.


the March for Life was really nice. They had several speakers. One of the speakers is part of the Georgia legislature. He has been to several of our functions and is committed to the cause of life.


The keynote speaker used to be part of our local organization, but has gone on to work for an organization that goes to colleges and different places to show pictures of actual aborted babies and to discuss this subject with anyone who is willing. Yesterday he talked about how we need to stay in this fight for life. Yes, we have been in this fight a long time and might be at this much longer. But the battle for life is worth it. The question is, how can we take our stand in this battle?

More on Roe v Wade

January 22, 2013

This week, my church is having what is called prayer week. And that means that there are meetings each evening at church, which means I feel somewhat pressed for time because I’m trying to get everything, both business and personal stuff done before dinner. I usually do personal stuff, and sometimes I even work in the evenings.


I’m still thinking about this forty year anniversary of Roe v Wade. Abortion keeps coming up in conversations around our house. To be clear, everyone agrees that abortion is wrong. Life is something that God and God alone should have control of.


I’ve also started reading an interesting article in Time magazine about how abortion is being legally hacked at. They say that Roe v Wade was a huge step forward, but ever since then things have mostly gone backwards. Obviously Time is a liberal magazine, and believes in choice.


We pro lifers have made progress on the legal front. Minors need their parents’ permission before an abortion. Most women have some sort of waiting period before having their abortion. And Time points out that there are many more pro life than pro choice people here in America. To me, this is all good news. But I feel like we should still pray to end abortion for good..

Random pro life thoughts

January 18, 2013

It is Friday afternoon, and I’m tired. But I think we are going to have out of town guests this weekend. And since I do not know what tomorrow holds I am going to go on and do this.


January is the anniversary of Roe v Wade, the decision that the Supreme Court made to legalize abortion. I think it is a time to be praying for our nation.


I know several families that are willing to adopt. I truly believe that adoption or keeping the baby is always the better option for everyone involved.


I know this post is a little scattered. But my family has always been open to having different people live with us. The first person that I remember living with us was an unwed mother. She was fun to be around. Kind of like an older sister. Sadly we didn’t keep up once she left our home. But I do still think of her…

Finding the Way Back

January 17, 2013

I have another book to review today. And this book, titled “Finding the Way Back” is by my friend E A West. Ms. West and I met several years ago online, and our friendship goes beyond the several writing groups we’re a part of together. We’re more like online pen pals. Now to give my review.


Ian Grant never thought that the agency he had given his life to would turn on him, leaving in a desperate situation for months on end. When he is finally rescued, Ian finds himself in an agency hospital where he can’t do yes what the people supposed to help him want most, to speak. Ian especially has trouble talking about what happened during his captivity.


Hazel Baker is a nurse practitioner for the agency hospital. When the agency asks her to take Ian home, Hazel is concerned that such an arrangement will be safe for her four-year=-old daughter. Once those fears are aligned, she agrees to this strange request that her employer has made. Working from home 24/7 also allows her to keep her daughter home.


But when Ian starts to talk, their little world is shattered. Will Ian finally get the help he needs, not only to get back to normal life but also with the agency? Will Hazel be able to keep her job? More importantly, will Ian find a way back to Hazel.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I loved that this book is believable, and that nothing happens overnight.. Ms. West, I will review your books any time. Thanks.


“Finding the Way Back” is available at Amazon. rx

January 12, 2013

Once again, it’s Saturday. I feel pretty good about what I have accomplished this week work wise, and I’m thankfultomorrow is Sunday, a day I choose to set aside to rest and just enjoy family and friends. And church, of course.


But anyway, let’s keep going on this book of Alcorn’s. He next gives some alternative  views on suffering that are contrary to the biblical worldview. Some people believe that there actually is no suffering. I would love to meet someone who believed that way, and ask them how they see the world.


The second alternative view is that there is no God.. Honestly, my personal belief is if there is no God what is the purpose of this life? Yes, there is a lot of good in this world. But there are so many things that are hard and that I do not understand. Without God, what would be the point of life really?


Alcorn goes on that some people believe in God, but say with all the suffering that goes on that God can’t always be good. I think Alcorn is going to state all the alternative views, and then go back and refute them.


Sorry people, but I’m too tired to think anything. I’ll write more this coming week.

January 10, 2013

it’s Thursday afternoon, and to be honest I’m tired. However I’d really like to do more than one post this week if I can. Not sure what else to write about, I am going back to Alcorn’s book, “If God is Good,”.


Alcorn is starting to talk about natural disasters, and why they occur. According to Alcorn, natural disasters, like the rest of earth’s problems, point directly back to the fall of man. God made all the earth an absolutely perfect place. It is because of the choices our ancestors made. Natural disaster are not something God decided would happen. It is we humans who have messed everything up.


And as those who are green often remind us, humans also have done a lot to pollute the earth. We like convenience. We love building big houses and driving nice cars. We like our electricity. And believe me, I’m right there with everyone else. I like all these things, and do not want to give anything up.


I’m too tired to think straight anymore.. I think there is a balance between our convenience and taking care of the earth. Does anyone have any ideas what that balance might be?

January 5, 2013

We are back from Christmas vacation last Tuesday, and unlike many vacations I was able to get back into work stuff without any problems. And I’m happy about that. Paying work is something I’m hopefully going to look into this coming week.

However, my family has made a major change, and that’s what I am going to write about today. The big change is that my grandparents, Mom’s parents, have moved in with us. Grandpa is just needing more and more help. And Grandma can’t do everything by herself anymore.

I have a confession to make. I have always hated to see the holiday season end. Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. And after New Year’s, I’ve gotten somewhat down.

Before Dad’s parents died in ’08 ]they died six months apart] we always used to go to my grandparents for Christmas. Mom and Dad grew up in the same small town. Going to my grandparents was always lots of fun. Most years our cousins would come for part for part of the time we were with my grandparents. And being with my cousins is always a blast! Coming home was just sad.

I thoroughly enjoyed this past Christmas, gathering with most of my siblings. But somehow having my grandparents here has made “after holidays” less sad to me.