it’s Thursday afternoon, and to be honest I’m tired. However I’d really like to do more than one post this week if I can. Not sure what else to write about, I am going back to Alcorn’s book, “If God is Good,”.


Alcorn is starting to talk about natural disasters, and why they occur. According to Alcorn, natural disasters, like the rest of earth’s problems, point directly back to the fall of man. God made all the earth an absolutely perfect place. It is because of the choices our ancestors made. Natural disaster are not something God decided would happen. It is we humans who have messed everything up.


And as those who are green often remind us, humans also have done a lot to pollute the earth. We like convenience. We love building big houses and driving nice cars. We like our electricity. And believe me, I’m right there with everyone else. I like all these things, and do not want to give anything up.


I’m too tired to think straight anymore.. I think there is a balance between our convenience and taking care of the earth. Does anyone have any ideas what that balance might be?


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