Once again, it’s Saturday. I feel pretty good about what I have accomplished this week work wise, and I’m thankfultomorrow is Sunday, a day I choose to set aside to rest and just enjoy family and friends. And church, of course.


But anyway, let’s keep going on this book of Alcorn’s. He next gives some alternative  views on suffering that are contrary to the biblical worldview. Some people believe that there actually is no suffering. I would love to meet someone who believed that way, and ask them how they see the world.


The second alternative view is that there is no God.. Honestly, my personal belief is if there is no God what is the purpose of this life? Yes, there is a lot of good in this world. But there are so many things that are hard and that I do not understand. Without God, what would be the point of life really?


Alcorn goes on that some people believe in God, but say with all the suffering that goes on that God can’t always be good. I think Alcorn is going to state all the alternative views, and then go back and refute them.


Sorry people, but I’m too tired to think anything. I’ll write more this coming week.


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