There is right and wrong

I was thinking that I should do this last night, but decided to just be lazy with my family instead of working. My group meeting was cancelled last night because of bad weather and some other things. I would really like to be doing my first post of the week before Thursday. And I am going to work on that…


Back to, “If God is Good” by Alcorn. Alcorn is starting to hit hard against this idea of moral relativism. How do we know that breaking into someone’s home is wrong? It is wrong because it hurt the offended party.


Let’s take another example. Some people say that sex between two adults who are both consenting to it is always all right. But is it? Say one or both of the parties is married to other people. Doesn’t the affair, or whatever you want to call it, hurt the offended spouse? They may say it doesn’t hurt, but sometimes people live in denial. But because God is a faithful God, He wants us to be faithful to one another as well.


Another interesting thing is, most people, whether they are Christians or not, believe that it is good to help your fellow men. Why is that? Why is everyone so impressed when people help needy children??


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