Continuing on in the book

I am starting to get into this book more, finding it more intriguing the more I read. I’m also getting good feedback on this blog which is exciting. So let’s get back into the book.


Alcorn is going back to the different viewpoints when it comes to God. Some people are convinced that since God is good, He can not be all powerful. Surely a good God would not allow suffering if He could help it. Why would He? Maybe people are more comfortable with the thought of a god who is more like them, not powerful. But really, what would be the point of a god like that? However, the bible clearly states that our God is indeed all powerful. He does exactly as He pleases.


Another group of people think that God had no idea what would happen after He created earth. He had no idea of all the problems that would happen. Had He known He never would have made earth or us. But God knows everything that has happened, and He knows everything that will happens. One of my favorite sayings is, God knows the end from the beginning…


I am going to stop there for now..


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