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Reviewing “When Truth Whispers”

March 29, 2013

I know I wrote yesterday, but since I’m not sure what the weekend holds for us, I am going to go on and do this. Besides, today I’m reviewing an excellent book by Dora Hiers called, “When Truth Whispers”. I read this book in two sittings, and I only stopped the first time because my family was here. Anyway, on to the review.


When Teal Benning catches her fiance making out with her best friend in a hot tub, she decides to go to her mother’s a little early for the holidays. Going home is wonderful, especially when she finds that Hunter, her long time neighbor and dear friend, is also there. Hunter is unlike any man Teal has ever known, including her father. Hunter is kind, open and honest, and trustworthy. Hunter has always been the one Teal has turned to after her disastrous breakups.


Hunter has always hoped that one day, Teal’s heart would turn to him for more than just brotherly comfort. And yet, he knows have to tell everything to her. Will Teal accept that he joined the CIA because he couldn’t stand by and witness her in one wrong relationship after another?


Will Teal learn to accept Hunter’s double life? Or will Hunter have to let go of his dream girl forever?


Like I said earlier, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was a very sweet love story that captured my heart. You can find this wonderful book on Amazon.

Looking forward to Good Friday

March 28, 2013

My brother and his family came into town this past Sunday and left yesterday morning. I didn’t take the time completely off of work, but I only did what I consider necessary. So that’s my excuse for not writing a post on Tuesday.


As everyone knows, this coming Sunday is Easter, or Resurrection Sunday, as some people like to call it. However, tomorrow is another holy day called Good Friday. And that happens to be what Alcorn discusses next. There are things that happen that are totally unexplainable and unimaginable. As I am writing this, my grandparents have news on discussing the school shooting that took place in December. Why did so many innocent children have to die? I do not have the answers to all that. But I do know that we have an enemy who wants to steal, kill, and destroy. And he does things like this to hurt us in any way he can, and to destroy our faith in God.  Most of us ask questions like, “Why did this happen?” or “What’s the point?” Sometimes we will never know the reason for incredible suffering, but we still need to trust that God knows best.


But back to the significance of tomorrow. Jesus was the perfect man. He never once sinned in His life. And yet what He experienced was horrible. I think of the movie “The Passion of the Christ”. I have never seen another movie about the life of our Lord that comes close to being that graphic. And sadly, from the things I’ve heard, that movie is very accurate, if not toned down some. But Jesus, God’s perfect Son, went through that. Yes, there was an important reason for that suffering, but still…

Easter memories

March 23, 2013

I am once again doing this on a Saturday, sigh, I didn’t mean to leave this until now this week, but some unexpected guests come in yesterday.


I have always loved the beginning of spring. Part of that may be because my birthday is at the beginning of April. But another reason is that this is the time of year that we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord.


We used to live in the mountains of North Carolina. And I remember Easter as one of the times we used to to visit that area once we had moved away. Sunrise services on top of a mountain were part of our tradition. Getting up and going on the mountain was somewhat frigid. But there was something so special about getting up early and going to that beautiful place. That was also the church I was born again in, so being there was always special.


I think many of us have memories of Christmas and the celebration season. But what memories do you have of Easter?

Time is in His hands

March 19, 2013

I must confess, I’ve always been someone who has been conscious of time. I really like getting up early and having time to read my bible before breakfast. I like being able to look backs back on my day and feel like I’ve accomplished a lot for the day. I am hoping to figure some kind of job for myself before much longer. I like being useful. And I also like the feeling of knowing I have worked well for the day or week, and then going out and having fun with friends or just relaxing with a good book.


However, Alcorn brings up the point that God does not see time the way we do. God is not even limited by time like we are. We see things happen in certain orders. But God is not limited to time in any way. He sees the big picture, and is weaving everything for our good. Some of us are waiting for specific thing, like the right job, or a good spouse. Others of us have been hurt badly, and we are hoping that God will make things right somehow. God’s timing is often not what we would like it to be. But His ways are better than ours. We will see that, if not in this life, than definitely in the next.

Got the second post written

March 16, 2013

I have a confession to make, work is not going especially well this week. I’m glad the weekend is upon us. I am ready for church and hopefully some time with friends. I am not exactly sure about the job I thought I had. And to be honest, I’m a little discouraged by that. And I’ve ended up doing more fun reading instead of figuring things out like I should be doing. Hopefully this coming week things are going to go better. I would really appreciate people’s prayers as I try to figure out what to do.
Anyway… Alcorn talks about people who went through incredible suffering, but because of their suffering, they were able to do great things that benefited a great number of people.. I have mentioned this before, but I have always loved Corrie Ten Boom and her story. Think about this. Living in Nazi occupied Holland had to be difficult. Living under under all the Nazi rules with ration cards and curfews had to get old quickly. But if that family had not done the right thing, how many more lives might have been lost? And we would have definitely had fewer heroes to look up to.
I ended up going to “The Hobbit”, which is a great but very long movie. I am going to go on and post this.

What is best?

March 12, 2013

I just finished doing my one article for the job I am doing. I guess things with this job are going well. I haven’t sold anything yet. Actually I haven’t had any of my work reviewed yet. Hopefully they are going to do that soon, because I can’t write anymore until they do, and nothing is going to be sold until they review my work. I do enjoy putting these articles together, and hope things work well with this. I would like to do more than one each day, two or three seems to be a good goal right now. Pray with me on that one.
I am going to try to get through a little more of Alcorn’s book. I must confess, however, that I’m not thinking very clearly, so we will see how this goes. Yes, God is love. But love is simply one of God’s attributes. He is also holy and just and powerful. He can not abide sin. Also because God loves us, He wants us to become the best people we can possibly be. And sometimes He has to use trials in order to do that.
Okay… I am going to stop for now. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Becoming mature

March 7, 2013

I think I have a new job. This is a job writing articles, and hopefully I will figure this out and work with this company long term. I am to take my time, do my research so that this job will work well. However before I start on that, I feel like I need to have this done to make sure that this does get done.


Anyway… Back to this book of Alcorn’s. He goes on to point out that trials make us grow up. And hasn’t that been your experience? Babies seem to truly believe that the world revolves around them, and that everything must go their way. When Mommy doesn’t jump every time we whimper we learn that sometimes we need to wait on the things that we want. We get a little older and find out that just because a good friend of ours plays with someone else doesn’t mean that they’ve stopped being our friend as well.


And just because we are saved doesn’t mean that we are automatically taken up to heaven, or given everything we want here on earth. Sometimes our dream jobs are taken and given to someone else. At other times, we lose friends or loved ones that we thought would always be by our sides. And troubles like these make us draw closer to God, and that does help us become more mature.


My sister Hannah and I went out for lunch. It was fun, and the food was delicious because we went to Red Lobster… Hopefully next week I’ll have lots more time to work.

Back from the healing conference

March 5, 2013

A dear friend of mine asked me after the healing conference, “Was coming to this good for you, or was it hard?” The answer is that it was both. I loved watching the teaching videos that we watched that were presented by Bethel Church. The teaching itself was fascinating. The thing that I keep thinking through is the teacher said, “we have to know God and understand His ways”. I want to do some research on this and figure out more of what this means.


I think the hard part for me was that the healings we saw seemed to not be of the magnitude of my disability. We saw lots of people healed, both live and on the videos we watched. There were lots of healing stories along with the actual teaching on the videos. Some people had broken bones. Others had to have metal put into their bodies for whatever reason, and God would make the metal disappear. Others had be


I do not want to make light of those healings. They were awesome! And I rejoice with the people that received their healings. But personally, nothing has really changed. I’m not going to give up. I know I have people praying with me about all this. And I really have no idea where this journey will lead… I know Whom I have believed in, and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed to Him…

About healing

March 1, 2013

This weekend is going to be crazy for me, so I’d better get another post up before I get too busy. I am going to a healing conference at our church tonight and tomorrow. Like I said earlier this week, I’ve been to many healing meetings in the past.


Since I was a little girl hearing the stories of Jesus’ miracles in Sunday School, I’ve known that Jesus can heal. And I know for certain that God does not change. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. I firmly believe that what Jesus did when He was on this Earth, He can certainly do through us today. At the same time, I know that God knows is best for my life. Maybe He can use me best as a disabled person. Or maybe He is waiting for the perfect time to make me whole. Do I trust Him? Without a doubt. Do I understand all His ways? Never! 


I would love to be out of this wheelchair, and able to do everything for myself. I’ve had more people pray for my heal since I was a child..


My prayer today is, do to me what You will, Lord.