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Reviewing Lexi’s heart

April 30, 2013

My morning was kind of crazy because of different things that came up. I ended up being in the kitchen most of the morning. And since I’m unable to get internet in the kitchen and really don’t like working on my novel when people are around, I ended up reading Delia Latham’s novella called “Lexi’s Heart”.


Lexi’s heart had taken so many blows she wasn’t sure when it would ever fully heal. Was the worst one when her husband of twenty-three years announced that he had decided to marry the latest woman he had been messing around with, or was it watching her precious mother lose the battle to Ahlzheimer’s? Whichever it was, Lexi knew that a heart is a precious thing. Moving into a small townhouse complex where the people seemed to truly care about one another helped. The complex also seemed to have some otherworldly visitors who helped Lexi find her way to back to the Lord. But when she finds a famous author reading to her mother, she’s surprised to find that this famous man wants to pursue her.


Mitch has gone to Lexi’s hair cutting place for years, but mostly because Lexi’s partner has been a dear friend. But he has always considered Lexi gorgeous. Running into her in her mother’s gives him the opportunity to start a friendship. But is this beauty the one his father spoke of before he died, saying that Mitch would not be a bachelor forever?


This book was short but sweet. I loved the intriguing parts about the angels, and the sweet friendship Lexi enjoyed with her mother. Find this book on Amazon or Pelican Book Group starting this coming Friday.

Reviewing Heart’s Key

April 29, 2013

We got home yesterday from what sounds like it is going to be the first of many vacations for the summer. I’m not going out of town this weekend, but do have a dear friend coming for a visit this weekend. So, between guessing that the weekend is going to be full and having several books to review, I figured I might as well get started. The book I’m reviewing today, or tonight actually, is called “Heart’s Key”, and it’s also by Marianne Evans.


Tyler Brock is a very successful Christian musician. He lives on the road, doing concert after concert. He enjoys the life, but most important to him is spreading the good news of the gospel. When a big shot agent starts hounding him to go mainstream, Tyler tries everything he can to avoid this man and the temptations Tyler assumes this man brings with him.


And then Tyler gets to perform at the church he grew up in. Going home and reuniting with the one girl he has never been able to forget brings up more questions. Amy Maxwell is still gorgeous, but Tyl can see the woman of his dreams has changed.


Amy Maxwell made it out of her abusive marriage with only her precious daughter. Now she’s a single mother just trying to survive from day to day. When Tyler enters her life again, Amy knows her life could have turned out so differently had she chosen Tyler instead of the guy who had gotten her pregnant and then blamed her for ruining his life. When Tyler starts pursuing her a second time, Amy and her daughter, learn what it is to be loved by a good man. However, Amy worries about being put into the spotlight. Can she truly trust the Lord, and Tyler, enough to embrace the man who has loved only her since high school? Or will she allow fear to rule her life?


My one disappointment with this book was that it ended. I loved getting to know these characters. Find this amazing book at Amazon.

Reviewing Hearts Communion

April 23, 2013

Yes, I know I didn’t post at all this past week. We were preparing to take my grandparents to my aunt’s, and everything was kind of crazy. We are still on the road, and so I’m not sure I am going to get to a second post this week just so you will know. But, thanks to Marianne Evans, I have not one but two wonderful books to review. The name of this first one is “Hearts Communion”.
Monica has known that she would be unable to have children for sometime. So she tries her best to make do. She opens her own daycare center, passes her love for ballet to young girls, and tries to tell herself that her dog is the only family she needs to come home to.
But then she meets Jeremy and romantic sparks begin to fly. Jeremy is part of a large family, and family is the center of his world. Being with Jeremy makes Monica so happy, and yet brings so much up about what can never be.
Should she allow herself to fall completely in love with him and shackle him to life without children? Or should she let him go. Or might there be a third option somehow?
I loved this book. Done a good bit of research and writing on adoption and things like that, so I found this book especially fascinating. You can find this book on Amazon.

More from the book

April 13, 2013

I’m still waiting on the newest book that I need to review, and so we are going to go back to our standard book today. Mom has just left to take my grandparents out of town overnight. I must confess that though I love them, it’s kind of nice to have some quiet. And maybe I can find some good movies on later instead of sports or whatever they decide to put on..


Anyway, on to the book… I do not remember a time in my life that my family did not go to church. And from the time I was young, I remember different people talking about the God shaped hole that has been placed in our hearts. What that really means is, God has put a longing to know Himself in each person’s heart. We need Him in order to be truly complete. Alcorn refers to this, and then goes on to say that God will never, ever give up on us. We can count on that much. God wants a relationship with every person He has made.


Another thing is, everyone needs to remember that we are in the middle of our story. And as an author, I know that often the middle of the story is full of twists and turns that we can not understand. But God is the Author of our stories. And He does work everything for the good of those that love Him.

Random birthday thoughts

April 9, 2013

Today is
One of the things I remember about he and Granny, and my other grandparents as well, is that they would always try to come visit around my birthday which made me feel special. I used to have big birthday parties when I was small. And often either one or both sets of my grandparents were sometimes around for that event.

Grandaddy loved to eat peanut butter toast and a banana for breakfast. And he loved to watch Tom and Jerry in the mornings. It was fun to watch cartoons as we ate Grany’s delicious breakfasts.

Other things I’m thinking about and am grateful for. I have an awesome family that loves me. I have also been truly blessed with some amazed friends.

I also believe that it was right around my birthday last year that things started going wrong with my communication device. I am very grateful to have my new device, and that everything was working great.

Saturday thoughts

April 6, 2013

Once again, it’s Saturday, and since I haven’t written a second post for the week, I know I need to do that. I will hopefully have another book review to write sometime this coming week. Book reviews are some of my favorite things to write, probably because I “have to” read fiction. But in the meantime, back to our standard book.


Alcorn talks about how we think we know what’s best for our lives. But we have to remember that unlike God, we are not all-seeing or all-knowing. We may think that a perfect world would have no problems. But problems develop character, don’t they? Problems also help us to come together as families, and I’m using the term families pretty loosely here.


We can never know how much evil God puts His foot down, and in the words of Gandolph [sp?] says, “You shall not pass!” God does restrain evil. And often we do not fathom it.


I think I need to get going. I’m tired and am starting not to think too clearly. As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

This book gets personal

April 4, 2013

I’ve had problems with my business e-mail account, and trying to figure that out has been a distraction for me. I also must confess that I am in the middle of a really good book, and have read more than I should.


But enough of novels, back to Alcorn’s book. And I might have put this off having known where the book was headed next because this is a difficult subject for me. Alcorn asks, what if God in His sovereignty, allows someone to be severly disabled rather than lead a sinful life and end up in hell? Wowzers! This book can get personal… I’ve often wondered what life would have been like if I had never been disabled. What career would I have chosen? Would I have a family of my own? How much different might my interests and choices have been if I had never had a disability?


I’ve also been thinking about my healing a lot today. I would like so much for that to happen, and to be healed quickly. But the scary question is, would I walk from the Lord if I were to be healed? Is that the reason I am kept in this wheelchair?


I really don’t have the answers to these questions. Wish I did. But I do know that the Lord is going to do His best for me. And I do trust Him.