Reviewing Heart’s Key

We got home yesterday from what sounds like it is going to be the first of many vacations for the summer. I’m not going out of town this weekend, but do have a dear friend coming for a visit this weekend. So, between guessing that the weekend is going to be full and having several books to review, I figured I might as well get started. The book I’m reviewing today, or tonight actually, is called “Heart’s Key”, and it’s also by Marianne Evans.


Tyler Brock is a very successful Christian musician. He lives on the road, doing concert after concert. He enjoys the life, but most important to him is spreading the good news of the gospel. When a big shot agent starts hounding him to go mainstream, Tyler tries everything he can to avoid this man and the temptations Tyler assumes this man brings with him.


And then Tyler gets to perform at the church he grew up in. Going home and reuniting with the one girl he has never been able to forget brings up more questions. Amy Maxwell is still gorgeous, but Tyl can see the woman of his dreams has changed.


Amy Maxwell made it out of her abusive marriage with only her precious daughter. Now she’s a single mother just trying to survive from day to day. When Tyler enters her life again, Amy knows her life could have turned out so differently had she chosen Tyler instead of the guy who had gotten her pregnant and then blamed her for ruining his life. When Tyler starts pursuing her a second time, Amy and her daughter, learn what it is to be loved by a good man. However, Amy worries about being put into the spotlight. Can she truly trust the Lord, and Tyler, enough to embrace the man who has loved only her since high school? Or will she allow fear to rule her life?


My one disappointment with this book was that it ended. I loved getting to know these characters. Find this amazing book at Amazon.


One Response to “Reviewing Heart’s Key”

  1. Marianne Evans Says:

    Sarah, thank you so much for the lovely review! I apprecaite you very much! 🙂 ❤ God bless!

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