Reviewing Lexi’s heart

My morning was kind of crazy because of different things that came up. I ended up being in the kitchen most of the morning. And since I’m unable to get internet in the kitchen and really don’t like working on my novel when people are around, I ended up reading Delia Latham’s novella called “Lexi’s Heart”.


Lexi’s heart had taken so many blows she wasn’t sure when it would ever fully heal. Was the worst one when her husband of twenty-three years announced that he had decided to marry the latest woman he had been messing around with, or was it watching her precious mother lose the battle to Ahlzheimer’s? Whichever it was, Lexi knew that a heart is a precious thing. Moving into a small townhouse complex where the people seemed to truly care about one another helped. The complex also seemed to have some otherworldly visitors who helped Lexi find her way to back to the Lord. But when she finds a famous author reading to her mother, she’s surprised to find that this famous man wants to pursue her.


Mitch has gone to Lexi’s hair cutting place for years, but mostly because Lexi’s partner has been a dear friend. But he has always considered Lexi gorgeous. Running into her in her mother’s gives him the opportunity to start a friendship. But is this beauty the one his father spoke of before he died, saying that Mitch would not be a bachelor forever?


This book was short but sweet. I loved the intriguing parts about the angels, and the sweet friendship Lexi enjoyed with her mother. Find this book on Amazon or Pelican Book Group starting this coming Friday.


3 Responses to “Reviewing Lexi’s heart”

  1. Delia Latham Says:

    Sarah, thank you so much for reviewing Lexi’s Heart! I’m delighted that you enjoyed Lexi’s story. Glad you liked the angels. Wanna know a secret? They’re my favorite part to write too… 🙂

  2. Marianne Evans Says:

    Just stopping by to say? “I can’t wait to read it, Delia!!” 😀 xoxox Such a treat and a blessing to be part of HH with you, Tanya and Mary! Sarah, great review, as always!

  3. Judy B Says:

    This book sounds so good! Looking forward to reading it. Great review!

    Judy B

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