reviewing Whispers at Willow Lake

It is Friday, and I think I am going to be wise and get this second post out. Besides, I have another book to review, a much lighter read than the one I reviewed this week, that I read from start to finish today. The book is titled Whispers at Willow Lake, and it is written by Mary Manners.


Ryder’s mother left him and his father when Ryder when he was very young. And this is what made his father turn to alcohol. Ryder was a kid who was known for getting into trouble. But after ten years of serving in the military, he decides to return home to the one woman he has ever loved.


Alli bought the inn her parents ran as she was growing up. The future Chief of Police, who is also Ryder’s worst enemy, has asked Ali to become his wife. But seeing Ryder again brings up all kinds of memories, both good and bad. Should Ali follow her heart or play it safe.


Personally I think this book could have been somewhat longer. But I thoroughly enjoyed and would highly recommend it for a good summer read. Find it on Amazon.


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