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Reviewing Rainn on My Parade

June 15, 2013

First things first, our family heads out on vacation sometime Tuesday, and we’ll be back sometime that following week. I’m not sure if I am going to post between now and then just to let everyone know.

I have LoRee Peery second book in her Frivolities series to review. This book is called, “Rainn on My Parade,”.

Geneva is busy running her Frivolities, and of course also preparing for her daughter Moselle’s wedding. Surely she doesn’t have time to be swept off her feet by a much younger man. But when she falls into Rainn’s arms, she begins to question that. But soon Geneva has more questions about a relationship with Rainn.

Rainn’s parents did not make a good home for him and his sister. Thankfully, he turned to the Lord for comfort. Sadly, his sister turned to other things. When his sister dies, Rainn takes his young autistic niece in. And he turns to Geneva and her family for back up with the little girl.

geneva’s first husband saw their marriage as a way to fulfill his own needs. Is Rainn going to use her the same way? Should he not try to find someone more his age? These are just a few of the things Geneva wonders about. Should she take a chance on Rainn, or is Frivolities supposed to be enough for her?

I loved this book. I am kind of trying do several different things lately, but can hardly wait to start the next book. Find this book at White Rose Publishing.

Quick thoughts from yesterday

June 13, 2013

I wrote this yesterday, but could not post anything somehow…. Trying again today

My family’s big vacation is coming up. All of my siblings are meeting at my parents’ lake house a week from tomorrow. I’m so excited about getting there and being with everyone, enjoying my nieces and nephews, spending time with my siblings, and eating the good food is what I’m looking forward to most. My hope is to start my travel business once we are home from our trip. Hopefully that is going to work well for me. My biggest prayer right now is, “Lord, help me figure out how to balance everything in my life. I know I want to do this travel business, and do it well. But I’ve always felt that my day was incomplete if I didn’t write some. Well, I will hopefully figure all this out somehow. Anyway, I had a meeting this morning, and we have another meeting tonight, so I’m kind of rushing through what needs to be done today. But I did want to get something up.

Reviewing Moselle’s Insurance

June 8, 2013

It’s Saturday, and as usual, I’m trying to wrap up everything I need to do for the week. I am hopefully going to have some exciting news this coming week. Until then I have another review to write. This book is actually the beginning of a series by LoRee Peery. The name of the series is Frivolities. The name of the book is called Moselle’s Insurance.

Moselle returns to her hometown to help her and an aunt, who has health problems, open up a shop. But home is a very small town, and as much as Moselle wishes it otherwise, runs running into her ex boyfriend is inevitable. But Eric goes out of his way to keep showing up in Moselle’s life. The camaraderie of the best friends in grade school, and then as boyfriend and girlfriend in high school, returns. But can Moselle ever forget that this was the guy that almost pressured her to go too far, and then almost immediately fell into her other best friend’s arms?

eric knows he’s still in love with his childhood best friend. But can he get Moselle to forgive everything without revealing secrets that are not truly his to tell? Can he convince Moselle she is the only one meant for him?

I loved this book. I was glad it was a longer book, and really want to start the next book in the series. Find this book at White Rose Publishing.

Difficult thinking

June 5, 2013

I must confess that I’m not getting to as much work this week as I thought I would. Things keep coming up with friends, and I’m loving it. I’m reading my next book to be reviewed. However, it is a long book and with everything going on I have not finished reading it. But this does need to be done, so back to Alcorn’s book.

Alcorn points out that not only is there a heaven where all of our dreams will come true. And in heaven we will no longer sin in any any way.. Thank the Lord for that! There is also a hell, where the ultimate justice is meted out. Ultimate justice? And I’m not reading the book anymore. But the reason people go to heaven or hell is based on one decision alone. Did you accept Jesus as your Savior. In the end, that’s all that really matters. You can live a perfectly awful life, and then you can come to the Lord, and you will go to heaven. And the opposite is true as well. You can live a good, moral life, doing all the right things. And yet, if we do not accept Jesus, we go to hell… I’m not sure I understand all that. But God’s ways are not our..

Reviewing Piece of Heaven

June 1, 2013

We’ve been at my brother’s house for a week, and I’ve kind of just been doing enough work to get by. The plan is for me to stay home when most my family goes away this coming week. I think I am going to get a lot done then.

Anyway, I read a novella called “Piece of Heaven”, by Donna B Snow. And that’s what I would like to review today.

Trina has always dreamed of owning her own coffee shop. When she inherits her grandparents’ house, she decides to turn it into her dream place. And that’s how she meets Jarod, the man who does her renovations.

Sparks fly between Trina and Jarod from the very beginning. However, it is obvious that Trina walks with the Lord. Jarod knows that she will never accept a man who doesn’t believe. But how can he come back the God that destroyed his first family?

This is a nice summer read. I especially liked Trina. Find this book on Amazon or White Rose Publishing.