Reviewing Piece of Heaven

We’ve been at my brother’s house for a week, and I’ve kind of just been doing enough work to get by. The plan is for me to stay home when most my family goes away this coming week. I think I am going to get a lot done then.

Anyway, I read a novella called “Piece of Heaven”, by Donna B Snow. And that’s what I would like to review today.

Trina has always dreamed of owning her own coffee shop. When she inherits her grandparents’ house, she decides to turn it into her dream place. And that’s how she meets Jarod, the man who does her renovations.

Sparks fly between Trina and Jarod from the very beginning. However, it is obvious that Trina walks with the Lord. Jarod knows that she will never accept a man who doesn’t believe. But how can he come back the God that destroyed his first family?

This is a nice summer read. I especially liked Trina. Find this book on Amazon or White Rose Publishing.


One Response to “Reviewing Piece of Heaven”

  1. Donna B Snow Says:

    Thanks, Sarah, glad you enjoyed it!

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