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Tuesday’s child tenders direction

July 25, 2013

It’s late, but I’ve just finished reading Clare Revell’s book “Tuesday’s child”, and hopefully I’ll get to review it before bed… Well, I didn’t finish this before bed, but anyway.


Adeline works at a doll hospital, meaning she and her friends repair doll and other stuffed animals. She took the business over from her father, and kind of grew up around this hospital. However, Adeline did have to make a few changes to the place, considering the fact that she is deaf.


Nate is a police officer who is an elder  at his church and runs a self defense class… Oh, and he’s raising his adorable niece too. But when tragedy strikes in the form of a serial killer, Nate learns just how busy he can get. He and Adeline meet because his niece had work done on a doll. However, soon he discovers that Adeline might be able to help him on the monstrous case he has through an unique gift.


Adeline is attracted to Nate from the beginning, but can she get him to see past her disability? Will she be able to help him put away the bad guys? Can Nate learn to trust a woman after all that happened with his brother’s wife?


I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and its characters. I especially liked how they turned to the Lord in times of trouble. Find this book at White Rose Publishing.

All things work for the good..

July 22, 2013

My family is going to go on an extended trip starting this Thursday. Part of the reason it is going to be so long is that my aunt is going on vacation. Grandma has decided to take a needed vacation as well. So we need to take care of Grandpa, and to avoid long car rides, we are going to hang out in North Carolina. The good news is that I should be online most of that time. But we’re leaving Thursday to go see my sister and then visit with some dear friends. So, it is likely that I won’t feel like working much over the weekend. I figured I might as well write today, and have one entry done for the week.


Let’s go back to the book. Alcorn starts talking about, “All things work together for the good of those that love the Lord”. Sometimes that verse is really hard to understand. But God truly is sovereign, and He will allow nothing that will not help us grow closer to Him. Sometimes we don’t take the opportunities we’ve been given.


Can you take the very worst things from your own life, and be absolutely certain that God will take those things and use them for good? Being disabled is hard, I’m not going to lie about that. Some disabled people say that they would want to remain disabled given the choice. Personally, I do not understand that. It would be so nice to be able to do more for myself. I don’t know why He hasn’t chosen to heal me. However, I know God has me where He wants me for a reason. And I do not want to be ANYWHERE except in His will.

Patriarch Job

July 19, 2013

It is Friday night, and today has been crazy. I would like to be on the couch watching something. However, we are expecting guests tomorrow, and I know I want to be out there with them. These are missionary friends who are home on break, and getting to hear them is important. So I’m attempting to finish everything I have to do tonight.
Getting another book read is not going to happen. So back to “If God is good”. Alcorn points out that sometimes we have no idea why we are suffering. Trues, we suffer as a direct result of our sin. Not one of us is perfect. Other times we’re trying our best to follow God, and something hits us and we have no idea why. Remember Job? Job went through unbelieveable suffering, losing everything he had. [None of this is in the book. I read a paragraph, and am going off on my own thinking.] Anyway! Know why Job lost everything? satan thought Job was Godly only because the Lord never allowed Job to go through hard things. Job passed the test. But will we?

Monday’s Child is in need of protection

July 18, 2013

I just finished the latest book that I’ve been given, and I’m very glad to say that it’s the first in a series. “Monday’s Child” by Clare Revell is an awesome book. And I’m so glad I had the privilege to read and now to review it.


Sara’s husband is murdered a few days after their marriage. Sara is forced to go into protective services. In many ways, she feels like she has been put into prison herself. Losing her husband and her freedom is almost more than Sarah can take.. Sara’s one consolation is that her brief honeymoon did result in a pregnancy.


Luke Nemec has spent most of his career working in narcotics, so why has he been reduced to a babysitter for Sara? True, he does know much about Sara’s husband’s murderer, but why can’t he be doing everything he can to bring the bad guy in instead of watching the ornery woman 24/7? To add insult to injury, Luke and Sara have to pretend to everyone that they are married. Luke’s life is his work, he has no time for women.


Time does shows how much Sara truly does need protection.


Like I said earlier, I loved this book. You could never tell what might happen next… And as always, find this book at White Rose Publishing.

RevieReviewing By Appointment Only

July 13, 2013

I like writing a review for a book the moment I finish reading it. However, I finished reading my latest review book Thursday afternoon, and had somewhere to go that evening. And yesterday turned out to be a day I was away from my computer more than I was on it.


Anyway, I am reviewing Marianne Evans’ “By Appointment Only” today.


Matt Bellinger has it all, loving parents and an adoring sister who is happily married and has a beautiful daughter. Matt also has a successful political career that seems to be only climbing higher. He sees his charmed life as a means to help those less fortunate.


Heather Cavanauh earns her living in a hair salon, but her passion is working at a ministry for the homeless. A chance meeting brings Matt and Heather together, and the attraction is there from almost the beginning. But Heather’s faith is the most important aspect of her life, and learning that Matt doesn’t believe hinders their romance from fully blooming. Matt finds himself interested in the God question. And so they begin exploring faith matters.


But when a dreaded diagnosis takes his family by surprise, God questions becomes even more important. How can God allow an innocent girl to suffer? How can his sister turn to God when her world might turn upside down.


This is an amazing book. I laughed. I cried… I always love Marianne Evans’ work, and this is no exception. Find this book at White Rose Rose Publishing.

Reviewing Lezlie’s Lifeline

July 8, 2013

I know I don’t usually do this on a Monday. However, I wasn’t sure what to do with myself, and decided to go on and start the next book that I would be reviewing. The last book in the Frivolities series turned out to be a very short but delightful read. So I figured that I would go on and write the review. The book is called “Lezlie’s Lifeline”.


Lezlie is Sage Diamond’s daughter who got herself pregnant shortly after her mother passed away. But she has never told anyone who the father of her child is. Her father and son have been her life. And then the father of her child, her childhood best friend, walks back into her life.


Jordan is now a police officer. A failed marriage was never able to erase the precious memories of Lezlie. Reconnecting with her makes Jordan realize just how much he has missed her. However, he gets the feeling she is keeping something back.


Can Jordan forgive Lezlie for keeping their son from him?


I enjoyed this quick read. I would have liked to see more of how everything worked out for these characters. They were quite intriguing. I’m glad I read this book though. Find it at White Rose Publishing.

Found in the Woods

July 6, 2013

I went to a wedding this morning. It was asly as the people it joined together. I feel blessed to have been part of it. But I’m trying to get through everything I like to get done on Saturdays. I have finished the fourth book in the Frivolities Series by Loree Peery. This book is titled “Found in the Woods”, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.


Sometimes duty calls us to the last place we would choose to be. And that’s the position Aiden finds himself. He likes working with reptiles and amphibians, but he has to go to work in a forest for a while because a colleague is on paternity leave. But that is where he meets Beth with the several last names.


Beth has lived a life like the woman at the well. But now she has found the Lord, and has dedicated her life to Him. But Beth still struggles with fear of her abusive ex husband. Meeting Aiden brings up questions Beth isn’t sure she should be asking anymore.


Aiden is drawn to Beth from from the first, but how can he accept this God of hers when he’s seen so many bad things happen?


I enjoyed this book. Read it in three days. I’ll be honest though, I found the beginning a little slow because there was a lot about nature and animals. I like reading about people more. But anyway… Find this book at White Rose Publishing.

Reviewing Sage and Sweetgrass

July 3, 2013

We got home Friday. I’ve be honest, Monday was rough. My communication device is also my computer, and I was trying to get everything back the way I like it, and one thing after another kept messing me up. But anyway. Things have gotten better yesterday and today, and for that I am truly grateful.


I am also grateful for Loree Peery, and these amazing books she has written. I am reviewing the third book in her Frivolities series, and am happy to report that there are two more in this series, and not just one like I had thought… Anyway, today I am going to be reviewing the book called, “Sage and Sweetgrass”.


Sage loves working with horses. Horses are easier for him to get along with than humen. His precious daughter and grandson are the exceptions to that. Having lost his wife to cancer years ago has left him angry at God. Why did He let a wonderful woman suffer so much? Sage kind of drifts through life, working and loving his small family, until he decides to sell a piece of old furniture.


Lanae lost her beloved husband years ago. But after overcoming an illness, she wants to live, and love, never. She was actually reading single ads when she came across furniture she knew she had to have for their Frivolities shop. But one look at Sage made her put away her single ads. A mystery unfolds that Lanae feels she has to solve.


Lanae is beautiful and seems very at home on a ranch, but how can Sage allow her to snoop in his family’s secrets? Is he really ready to fall in love again? More importantly, can he give his heart to the Lord again.


Find this amazing book at White Rose Publishing.