Found in the Woods

I went to a wedding this morning. It was asly as the people it joined together. I feel blessed to have been part of it. But I’m trying to get through everything I like to get done on Saturdays. I have finished the fourth book in the Frivolities Series by Loree Peery. This book is titled “Found in the Woods”, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.


Sometimes duty calls us to the last place we would choose to be. And that’s the position Aiden finds himself. He likes working with reptiles and amphibians, but he has to go to work in a forest for a while because a colleague is on paternity leave. But that is where he meets Beth with the several last names.


Beth has lived a life like the woman at the well. But now she has found the Lord, and has dedicated her life to Him. But Beth still struggles with fear of her abusive ex husband. Meeting Aiden brings up questions Beth isn’t sure she should be asking anymore.


Aiden is drawn to Beth from from the first, but how can he accept this God of hers when he’s seen so many bad things happen?


I enjoyed this book. Read it in three days. I’ll be honest though, I found the beginning a little slow because there was a lot about nature and animals. I like reading about people more. But anyway… Find this book at White Rose Publishing.

One Response to “Found in the Woods”

  1. LoRee Peery Says:

    Sarah, you have blessed me and humbled me by taking the time to express your thoughts regarding the Frivolities Series. Thank you so much for visiting my little fictitious place in Nebraska.

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