Reviewing Lezlie’s Lifeline

I know I don’t usually do this on a Monday. However, I wasn’t sure what to do with myself, and decided to go on and start the next book that I would be reviewing. The last book in the Frivolities series turned out to be a very short but delightful read. So I figured that I would go on and write the review. The book is called “Lezlie’s Lifeline”.


Lezlie is Sage Diamond’s daughter who got herself pregnant shortly after her mother passed away. But she has never told anyone who the father of her child is. Her father and son have been her life. And then the father of her child, her childhood best friend, walks back into her life.


Jordan is now a police officer. A failed marriage was never able to erase the precious memories of Lezlie. Reconnecting with her makes Jordan realize just how much he has missed her. However, he gets the feeling she is keeping something back.


Can Jordan forgive Lezlie for keeping their son from him?


I enjoyed this quick read. I would have liked to see more of how everything worked out for these characters. They were quite intriguing. I’m glad I read this book though. Find it at White Rose Publishing.

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