RevieReviewing By Appointment Only

I like writing a review for a book the moment I finish reading it. However, I finished reading my latest review book Thursday afternoon, and had somewhere to go that evening. And yesterday turned out to be a day I was away from my computer more than I was on it.


Anyway, I am reviewing Marianne Evans’ “By Appointment Only” today.


Matt Bellinger has it all, loving parents and an adoring sister who is happily married and has a beautiful daughter. Matt also has a successful political career that seems to be only climbing higher. He sees his charmed life as a means to help those less fortunate.


Heather Cavanauh earns her living in a hair salon, but her passion is working at a ministry for the homeless. A chance meeting brings Matt and Heather together, and the attraction is there from almost the beginning. But Heather’s faith is the most important aspect of her life, and learning that Matt doesn’t believe hinders their romance from fully blooming. Matt finds himself interested in the God question. And so they begin exploring faith matters.


But when a dreaded diagnosis takes his family by surprise, God questions becomes even more important. How can God allow an innocent girl to suffer? How can his sister turn to God when her world might turn upside down.


This is an amazing book. I laughed. I cried… I always love Marianne Evans’ work, and this is no exception. Find this book at White Rose Rose Publishing.

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