Monday’s Child is in need of protection

I just finished the latest book that I’ve been given, and I’m very glad to say that it’s the first in a series. “Monday’s Child” by Clare Revell is an awesome book. And I’m so glad I had the privilege to read and now to review it.


Sara’s husband is murdered a few days after their marriage. Sara is forced to go into protective services. In many ways, she feels like she has been put into prison herself. Losing her husband and her freedom is almost more than Sarah can take.. Sara’s one consolation is that her brief honeymoon did result in a pregnancy.


Luke Nemec has spent most of his career working in narcotics, so why has he been reduced to a babysitter for Sara? True, he does know much about Sara’s husband’s murderer, but why can’t he be doing everything he can to bring the bad guy in instead of watching the ornery woman 24/7? To add insult to injury, Luke and Sara have to pretend to everyone that they are married. Luke’s life is his work, he has no time for women.


Time does shows how much Sara truly does need protection.


Like I said earlier, I loved this book. You could never tell what might happen next… And as always, find this book at White Rose Publishing.

One Response to “Monday’s Child is in need of protection”

  1. Lori Nockwood Says:

    Thanks for the tip! Love a good read!

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