Patriarch Job

It is Friday night, and today has been crazy. I would like to be on the couch watching something. However, we are expecting guests tomorrow, and I know I want to be out there with them. These are missionary friends who are home on break, and getting to hear them is important. So I’m attempting to finish everything I have to do tonight.
Getting another book read is not going to happen. So back to “If God is good”. Alcorn points out that sometimes we have no idea why we are suffering. Trues, we suffer as a direct result of our sin. Not one of us is perfect. Other times we’re trying our best to follow God, and something hits us and we have no idea why. Remember Job? Job went through unbelieveable suffering, losing everything he had. [None of this is in the book. I read a paragraph, and am going off on my own thinking.] Anyway! Know why Job lost everything? satan thought Job was Godly only because the Lord never allowed Job to go through hard things. Job passed the test. But will we?

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