Tuesday’s child tenders direction

It’s late, but I’ve just finished reading Clare Revell’s book “Tuesday’s child”, and hopefully I’ll get to review it before bed… Well, I didn’t finish this before bed, but anyway.


Adeline works at a doll hospital, meaning she and her friends repair doll and other stuffed animals. She took the business over from her father, and kind of grew up around this hospital. However, Adeline did have to make a few changes to the place, considering the fact that she is deaf.


Nate is a police officer who is an elder  at his church and runs a self defense class… Oh, and he’s raising his adorable niece too. But when tragedy strikes in the form of a serial killer, Nate learns just how busy he can get. He and Adeline meet because his niece had work done on a doll. However, soon he discovers that Adeline might be able to help him on the monstrous case he has through an unique gift.


Adeline is attracted to Nate from the beginning, but can she get him to see past her disability? Will she be able to help him put away the bad guys? Can Nate learn to trust a woman after all that happened with his brother’s wife?


I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and its characters. I especially liked how they turned to the Lord in times of trouble. Find this book at White Rose Publishing.

One Response to “Tuesday’s child tenders direction”

  1. Donna B Snow Says:

    Great story! I love the series!

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