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Season for Miracles

August 31, 2013

It’s a quiet Saturday. I enjoy Saturdays that we have things to do with friends. But I also like Saturdays that I can finish everything I want to get done for the week. Things are going fairly well with the business. I still have lots to figure out though.


I did manage to get Clare Revell’s “Season for Miracles” read in between all of my other work and whatever.


Holly was the first person to be attacked, and the only woman to survive, a serial murderer. It has been five months since she was attacked, but she still has a terrible time trusting men, or even the Lord for that matter. Finding someone special is the last thing she wants.


Kyle’s girl was the first actual murder. He isn’t interested in finding someone new. But his best friend is getting married and keeps trying to set him up. Holly and Kyle meet at their best friends’ wedding, and that day turns out bad for both of them. But slowly a relationship forms between them. Can Holly learn to trust again?


I really liked book. It was a great short read. Find it at White Rose Publishing.

Quick life update

August 28, 2013

Anyone who is friends with me on Facebook should know that I have Mtravel and am now a travel agent. I’m now working on my training, trying to figure out how to make my website go. I am going to need to get on Twitter. I may get a new Facebook page. There is just a whole lot to figure out right now. I am enjoying it for sure. But I’m not exactly doing the reading I used to. I used to. I’m sure I’ll figure this out. Mostly I wanted to let everyone know I’m busy but fine.

After the Fire

August 24, 2013

A normal Saturday for me to spend the day tying up loose ends, both with work and personal stuff. It has been a pretty busy week for me, and so I haven’t made much time to read. Anyway, that gave me the excuse to read a lot today, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Clare Revell has let me read and review “After the Fire”.


Freddie, which is a young woman’s nickname, works for a private investigation firm. And after she lost her partner years back, the firm allows her to work by herself. Freddie does not allow her physical problems to get in the way of her work. Hearing that her ex fiancée works for the same agency is not a huge deal, Freddie simply doesn’t go to the Christmas parties. Another woman didn’t steal her beloved from her, God did. And so for the past fifteen years, Freddie hasn’t spoken to either.


Jason, Freddie’s ex, never thought the mission society would accept him, none of the others had. But when he saw Freddie in another man’s arms the night they were supposed to discuss the mission society, he knew he had to leave. Now, fifteen years later, Jason has doing some cleaning house in the firm. When he learns that Freddie is the next person his boss wants him to work with and probably fire, he doesn’t like it one bit. Learning how much Freddie doesn’t follow orders makes his boss appear to be right on all counts.


Or is there more to this story than meet the eye? Feelings for one another are there from the beginning, but Freddie is afraid to trust Jason again? Can she truly trust him and the Lord once more?


This was an excellent book. I loved Jason, and how he turned to the Lord for everything. Find this book at White Rose Publishing.

The Visionary

August 21, 2013

I’m kind of making myself do this. Things are just busy right now, I’m writing, trying to get a feel for things I’ll need to do with a travel agency… I think this is going to work, the process is just slower than I would like. I’ve also joined a people with disabilities message board group. I’m slowly starting to explore that.. However, I am reading somehow too. My latest book was “The Visionary” by Pamela Thibodeaux.


People say that twins are always close, but Trevor and Taylor are moreso. Growing up in a very abusive home, especially when they lost their precious mother. They learned to trust one another completely and exclusively. Together they’ve built an construction company. Taylor has accepted the Lord and turns to Him for comfort. But Trevor has no use for a God who would allow their father to abuse them the way he did. Trevor also does everything in his power to see that his sister is safe. Both dream of love and marriage, but will they ever be able to escape the horrors of their past?


When Alex walks into their office to see if they can head up a major renovation project, he soon decides that any price would be worth the chance to get to know Tayl


This was an incredible book that captured me from beginning to end. I loved the characters, and wish there was a sequel. I don’t think there is though. I would, however, recommend that the reader be at least an older teen before reading this one. Find this book on Amazon.

Thursday’s Child chases the whole

August 17, 2013

Another Saturday and I’m just ready to be finished with work stuff. I love that I review books on here, kind of gives me an excuse to read. Anyway, today I’m reviewing Clare Revell’s “Thursday’s Child”.


Jarred made a living as a fireman. And yet when it counted most, he had failed miserably. Not being able to rescue his daughter cost him dearly, and turned his wife against him. But when he has to pull his wife out of a wreck, things slowly start to change…


Niamh [pronounced Neeve] is Jarred’s wife, but she’s ready to change that. Working as a barrister, and getting death threats, is no walk in the garden. But adding living with someone you now despise is almost more than she can take. But when she wakes up from a wreck unable to remember anything from the last ten years, Niamh takes a hard look at her life and doesn’t like what she sees.


Can Jarred win her heart back, or is it too late? Why is there another man in her dreams? Will they be able to figure out what’s really happening in her job? Find out when you read this amazing book from White Rose Publishing.


August 13, 2013

Most of that I don’t usually like short books. Today a short book was a Godsend, or maybe a windfall. Things are busy here, but I wanted to get something posted. Anyway, Marianne Evan’s Windfall turned out to be an awesome solution.


Sarah’s sister has gone through an ordeal with breast cancer. Thankfully, they’ve made it safely through to the other side. Now to pay back all the bills they owe. Sarah’s passion is cooking, and so she joins cooking competitions to help raise the money they need.


Sarah’s competitor, Scott, is a great chef who is trying to open a restaurant. But neither of them were expecting this competition to lead to a relationship.


If you like shows like Chopped you should enjoy this. I have always enjoyed Ms. Evans’ writing. And this certainly was no exception. Find it at White Rose Publishing.

Wednesday’s child grieves for his soul

August 9, 2013

My family is wrapping up our vacation, we’ll be home on Monday. Looking forward to getting back into my normal routine. But I finished Clare Revell’s “Wednesday’s Child” and wrote the actual review on Monday. I figured I might as well get this posted.


Liam and his young wife decided that they wanted to be missionaries to African children. Unfortunately, as they were starting to settle in, his wife and others were murdered. Liam knows that there is a God, but has decided to have nothing more to do with a God who lets His servants die. Liam now spends his days teaching at a school in England while planning on how to best take revenge on his precious wife’s murderers. Women are not something he wants to become involved with anymore.


Jacqui is trying to work her way up the landscaping business ladder. Finding a husband is the last thing on her mind. Her last boyfriend was a true piece of work. But when Liam storms into her life, and they form a friendship she finds out that there are still some true gentlemen out there. But when her ex boyfriend walks back into her life, will she have to give up the one she’s truly fallen for?


I thoroughly enjoyed “Wednesday’s Child”. This book had many twists and turns you would never expect, at least I wasn’t… Find this book at White Rose Publishing.