Wednesday’s child grieves for his soul

My family is wrapping up our vacation, we’ll be home on Monday. Looking forward to getting back into my normal routine. But I finished Clare Revell’s “Wednesday’s Child” and wrote the actual review on Monday. I figured I might as well get this posted.


Liam and his young wife decided that they wanted to be missionaries to African children. Unfortunately, as they were starting to settle in, his wife and others were murdered. Liam knows that there is a God, but has decided to have nothing more to do with a God who lets His servants die. Liam now spends his days teaching at a school in England while planning on how to best take revenge on his precious wife’s murderers. Women are not something he wants to become involved with anymore.


Jacqui is trying to work her way up the landscaping business ladder. Finding a husband is the last thing on her mind. Her last boyfriend was a true piece of work. But when Liam storms into her life, and they form a friendship she finds out that there are still some true gentlemen out there. But when her ex boyfriend walks back into her life, will she have to give up the one she’s truly fallen for?


I thoroughly enjoyed “Wednesday’s Child”. This book had many twists and turns you would never expect, at least I wasn’t… Find this book at White Rose Publishing.

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