Thursday’s Child chases the whole

Another Saturday and I’m just ready to be finished with work stuff. I love that I review books on here, kind of gives me an excuse to read. Anyway, today I’m reviewing Clare Revell’s “Thursday’s Child”.


Jarred made a living as a fireman. And yet when it counted most, he had failed miserably. Not being able to rescue his daughter cost him dearly, and turned his wife against him. But when he has to pull his wife out of a wreck, things slowly start to change…


Niamh [pronounced Neeve] is Jarred’s wife, but she’s ready to change that. Working as a barrister, and getting death threats, is no walk in the garden. But adding living with someone you now despise is almost more than she can take. But when she wakes up from a wreck unable to remember anything from the last ten years, Niamh takes a hard look at her life and doesn’t like what she sees.


Can Jarred win her heart back, or is it too late? Why is there another man in her dreams? Will they be able to figure out what’s really happening in her job? Find out when you read this amazing book from White Rose Publishing.

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